Critical Reflection Of Group Work On International Students' Mental Health Issues

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In the health care setting, service delivery for clients usually involves collaboration between Registered Nurses (RNs) and other multidisciplinary team members to meet the clients’ needs (Doyle, 2008; Ward, 2013). Before facing this actual working environment, nursing students should gain collaboration ability and be accustomed to it during their study. In the unit Mental Health for Practice, students were given an opportunity to develop collaboration skill in an assigned group project by developing a YouTube presentation to complete the task. This reflective piece will discuss the process of forming the group and the selection of roles for each member. The relationships within the group will be explored along with my own self-awareness after completing the project.
O’Neill & Cowman (2008) define a group as more than one person with diverse abilities joining forces to obtain the same goals. According to the authors, a group can work effectively by respecting one another, having open communication, understanding each other’s roles and providing time for regular meeting to achieve desired outcomes. Sargeant, Loney, & Murphy (2008) also shared the same view regarding the criteria of an effective group work.
These criteria were applicable in the process of our group work as the group formation and topic choice showed a high level of cooperation. The group was formed due to the fact that all team members knew each other beforehand. Coincidentally, the team members were all international students which made it seem likely to choose a topic related to the circumstance of being international students. The decision for the group topic: ‘International Students’ Mental Health Issues’, was reached after a thorough discussion between the team members.
After the group was created and the topic was selected, the next natural step was to assign roles and equal workload to each member. The roles designation usually based on individual aptitudes and willingness to play different roles in the group (Monash University, n.d.), and distribution of the workload was based on the members’ abilities and interest (Ward, 2013). The reason was to make it easier for the individual to handle the task and to do the work efficiently (Ward, 2013). All members were put their trust in one another for doing the chosen parts and finishing the allocated tasks before the group appointment time.
Since the beginning of the group formation, all members had displayed great cooperation and worked democratically, which is contrary to the popular belief that teamwork usually involves sense of competing with each other...

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