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My fascination begun when long car rides to family holiday destinations required some sort of happy, relaxing sing along rock to liven the dull ‘are we there yet’ mood. This is when I came across the ‘Fleetwood Mac, Rumours’ album in the glove box of mum’s car. Amongst the mess of the pile of albums including Dragon, The Angels and The Who, I was drawn to this album and Stevie Nicks in particular. My mum’s admiration for the songstress as well as Nicks black on black, witchy woman, gypsy style she showed off on that Rumours album cover has intrigued me ever since. Her fashion, lyrics and songs filled with so much passion and insight into her life has allowed her to use her music as an expression of her identity as well as encouraging me to find my own through the concepts of interpellation, popular culture and media effects of nostalgia.

My awareness of my self identity and ability to find myself has easily been influenced through the popular musical talent and individuality of Stevie Nicks. Her lyrics express incredible stories of her ex-lovers, dreams, principles and experiences, all that were written by Nicks at a young, adolescent age (Howe, 2014.) Her songs allow me to develop an understanding of myself, who I want to be and who I see myself becoming as she wrote her records around the same age that I am listening to them (DeNora, 2005.) This age association allows me to develop a sense of connection or closeness to her and her music, where I feel I can learn from her experiences and discover who I am through relating to similar feelings and thoughts that she communicates so passionately (DeNora, 2005.)

The theory of Interpellation plays a significant role in understanding how I am able to ‘find myself’ when I suppress ideas expressed through Nicks lyrics. The beliefs, attitudes and standards I selectively choose to engage with, contribute to my overall development of my identity (Fiske, 1988.) In this sense, I recognize myself as a subject of her songs, songs written with the purpose of acknowledging young people like myself, encouraging me to connect with her approach to life and the world (Fiske, 1988.) I especially experience this connection through the lyrics in her single ‘Don’t Stop.’ This song takes me through a journey from dark into light. A journey Nicks has been through, but also one I could go through or have been through already. The lyrics in the song; ‘if you wake up and don’t want to smile, if it takes just a little while, open your eyes and look at the day, you’ll see things in a different way’ (AZ Lyrics, 2000,) strengthens my connection to Nicks as through listening to the lyrics, I am able to accept the idea that everyone, including Nicks herself, have bad days, and in this way, we are similar. These lyrics suggest taking an alternative approach to life, where Nicks reminds me to take each day as it comes, having a fresh start. The emotional lyrics in the song encourage me to look up to Nicks as a role model,...

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