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Critical Reponse Essay

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In this article “Anybody’s Son Will Do” by Gwynne Dyer, the author explains how the process of conversion of civilians to soldiers by exposing them to death make them killers. Further, he explains how male psychology and malleable tendency of human mind and behavior helps in making this process a success.
Primitive culture of men being warriors and protector still affects the civilizations today. Basic training the civilians get as recruits isolates them from the outer world in their confined world, destroys their individuality, rewrites their values and reshape their moral being into building a comradeship. Individuality of the recruits is destroyed by physical and mental abuse. They are isolated by the outside world by being confined. The instructor seems to control both the bodies and the environment of the recruits. The existence of recruits’ identity is literally destroyed to give them rebirth as soldiers. The instructors build romantic notion of warriors as a heroic symbol and motivate the recruits to be one. The drill instructors create and maintain the illusion that basic training is an extraordinary challenge, success in which will make them stand out from others. Basic training, whatever its hardship, is thought to be a quick way to become a man among men, with undeniable status. After destroying their individualities, the idea of ‘all for one, one for all’ is promoted by suppressing any tendencies towards individualism. The basic training is same as in the pre-civilized societies, but in civilized societies, the product of training is not warriors but trained soldiers, which only follows orders.
Every writing has its strengths and weaknesses, and having strengths over numbering and overlapping the weaknesses makes the writing stronger. The strengths of the author’s...

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