Critical Report: Anybody’s Son Will Do

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In Gwynne Dyer’s article “Anybody’s Son Will Do”, the conversion of civilians to killers is being explained in stages. This articles focuses more on male psychology and malleable people. The author’s belief is that people can be easily brainwashed if they are put in constant stress. To support this idea, the author gives examples of military training around the world which psychologically destroys individual values and loyalties and rebuilds them to make combat troops that will do exactly what has been ordered and defend his groups to the death.
The soldiers are first trained in basic level where they are motivated to destroy their individualities and build comradeship amongst the men. The bond is so important among men because when they are in battle, they have to fight for eachother. In the beginning of the basic training, the recruits are all worn out. The training is being done in an island where they are conscripted to do what is being told by the drill instructor without question. Neither they can leave, nor they can communicate much with the outside world. Basic training is basically about giving mental and physical pressure to create motivation. In the first three days, the recruits are being hustled, yelled, and shouted. They learn the basic orders of drill that enable them to work in large groups. They have to surrender their clothes, cut their hair, cut their physical evidence of individuality citizen identity. The recruits sleep aside a series of hasty rituals and given no time to reflect or to look back and think about their families, friends. So that the recruits donot backout, the frantic bustle of forming is set. The creation of an environment that romanticizes the military is set.They are constantly reminded for their act as a noble one. The vague notion that masculinity means being a warrior becomes clear to the recruits.The mindset that soldiers are heroic and war like tradition is created inorder to motivate them. Moreover, to build up the level of confidence and courage of the recruits, the drill masters reinforce submission. They do inspection, check their uniform, comment on their beds if it’s not made properly, promote achievements . Under military, naïve boys who want to be strong, who is dealing with inferiority complex, those who want to start a new life, get out of house away from their families are recruited. The boys are promised that they will convert them to “man”. A society of methology where mens are given...

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