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Critical Analysis Of Schulman's Article 'gay Marriage And Marriage'

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Marriage, for years has been argued that the rights to it or strictly only between a man and a women. Both sexes are assumed to marry someone of the opposite sex. What if, however, an individual wanted to marry someone of the same sex? Why is this debate so heavily heated amongst individuals? Is it that religion is a large structure base that those in society are guided by? Or is it that individuals do not understand that marriage is a union between two individuals who are in love? Whatever the case may be, there is always someone who has to argue that homosexual marriage is “wrong.”
Sam Schulman argues that homosexual marriage is about the duties or roles that these couples perform that would be different from that of heterosexual couples. In his article Gay Marriage -- and Marriage the author directs his argument towards those who are "passionately and instinctively opposed to the idea of homosexual marriage" (Schulman, 2003).
Schulman blames legalization of homosexual marriage as the cause for the possible permission of incest. However, this is like saying that if marijuana were to be legalized, it will lead to the acceptance of cocaine. Even when homosexuals do achieve their legal rights, currently only given to heterosexual married couples; it will not give rise to the legalization of incestuous relationships and incestuous marriages. Legalizing gay marriage will not pose any threat to the structure of society.
Society is created with both homosexual and heterosexual individuals. Previously when certain laws discriminated against others, such as law for women's rights to vote, these laws were changed. Changing the traditions of the country does not mean that it will lead to the legalization of other extreme issues. Each issue consists of its own dispute and discussion with no correlation to the other.
According to Kurtz “ are the proponents of poly­gamy, polyandry, and polyamorism, all ready to argue that their threesomes, foursomes, and other 'nontraditional' arrangements are entitled to the same rights as everyone else's" (As cited in Schulman, 2003). According to this logic, simply granting the right to homosexual couples to participate in a marriage will lead the legalization of other unconventional marriages. However, a knowledgeable person can see how ignorant this argument is.
This argument is similar to the previously mentioned statement regarding homosexual marriage leading to incestuous relationships or marriages. Just because rights are granted to one group, does not mean something extreme such as the legalization of polygamy and others will then occur.
The institution of homosexual marriage does not fight for the rights of one person to marry multiple people. Polygamy, polyandry, and polyamorism argue over the number of people allowed in a marriage. Legalizing and allowing homosexuals the right to marriage enables every American citizen access to equal rights as...

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