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Society has, throughout history, introduced several questions that we, as a people, have to answer. However, none of these answers can satisfy everyone and have some negative drawbacks. The editors of Searching for Great Ideas agree with that statement based what they said on page….. Some current issues that can be examined are gender and sexual equality in society, the access to education, and healthcare. I feel that the world’s most important questions involve, in some way, healthcare. One such question that I feel has the uttermost importance is that our system of health insurance is linked to employment. Health insurance usually is provided by the employer, with some contribution from ...view middle of the document...

Thus, this will lead to healthcare influenced by the some negatives of free market. These are just a few of the sub questions caused by the most important question of “do you think all Americans should have healthcare?”
According to a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, nearly 40 percent of physicians have manipulated insurance reimbursement receive needed care (). One example is that physicians have exaggerated patients' symptoms to allow them to stay in the hospital longer, and changed patients' diagnoses for billing purposes. Another problem with healthcare that I found out when volunteering at a local hospital is the requirement by hospitals for doctors to see, on average, one patient per five minutes. However, I feel that this is not enough time to fully diagnose a patient and listen to the problems and symptoms. Therefore, I will not practice such heinous acts even if because I have the possibility of being sued for misdiagnosing a symptom. I plan on giving my patients all other options and allowing them to choose what treatment they would like to receive. Without a full healthcare reform, patients will be continually abused to help hospitals and healthcare professionals to make money in the “healthcare market”. Some solutions to fix healthcare; however, there are flaws in each one.
One possible solution is if access to a doctor, whether it be a primary care physician or specialist (which I hope to become), becomes affordable through a free-market solution, then it is necessary for the nation to increase the supply of doctors so that competition will bring down the cost of “skill”. The only way to come to this solution is by lowering the cost of medical school or crushing medical school debts by making available government-sponsored full graduate fellowships awarded, which both would help me out, and creating better doctors through competition, like in professional sports. Even though it was great better doctors, it’s already hard enough to get a good grade on the MCAT can be accepted to a medical school. The added competition would drive up the needed scores to be accepted into the schools. Another possible solution is to relieve doctors of the weight of malpractice insurance by eliminating those from the profession whose carelessness fuels such lawsuits against hospitals and doctors based on care. I feel that there should be a mandate of the reporting, by hospitals, of serious errors by their physicians and make this information available to the public so that people seeking medical care can choose to avoid error-prone doctors. Every patient should have the right to know how doctors treat their patients if we are going to go about healthcare as a free market franchise. However, not every unfavorable outcome of a medical procedure is due to error by the doctor and certain medical disciplines involve situations...

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