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Critical Review

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A critical review of two texts
A host of new technologies such as online services, mobile phones, GPS (Global Positioning System), and high-resolution satellite images have dramatically changed the way in which spatial data are produced, used, and shared. Volunteered Geographical Information (VGI) is a pragmatic approach to obtain free spatial data by citizens’ contribution. Although VGI has applied in various disciplines, VGI practices have just started being used in the land administration system. The core of land administration system is cadastral system. It records the land parcel rights, restrictions and responsibilities. There is a huge tenure gap in the world and current land administration systems are not able to fill this gap. Population growth and urbanization, lack of financial resources, and lack of sufficient professional land surveyors lead this gap to the chasm. This paper will critically review two articles which were written by Basiouka & Potsiou (2012) and Laarakker & Vries (2011) in order to investigate whether VGI is an alternative model for gathering and maintaining cadastral data or not.
Laarakker & Vries (2011) conducted a survey in order to identify the potential strengths and concern of VGI in land administration context among the land professionals. The authors introduced the concept of OpenCadaster as an extension of VGI in the land administration domain. In this study, first of all, the main concerns on VGI and open system were excluded through the literature and then the ideas and opinions of professionals were collected through online discussion groups in LinkedIn and by raising this question: “Can social media have add value to the formal statutory cadastral systems that exist world-wide?” (Laarakker & Vries, 2011). As a result of discussion, all OpenCadastre concerns were categorized in to technical and socio-organizational concerns. After that a comparative table was made based on VGI and open system concerns and OpenCadastre concerns. Laarakker & Vries (2011) concluded that from technical point of view there is not much difference between VGI and open system concerns and OpenCadastre concerns. However, the socio-organizational concerns are totally different and one of the most key issues surrounding Opencadaster is the authenticity or validity of the data.
The paper written by Basiouka & Potsiou (2012) investigated the actual possibility of using VGI model to create cadastral map. This research was the first practical cadastral mapping process based on voluntary approach. They initiated their research based on this statement: “No one knows the local area better than the residents” (Basiouka & Potsiou, 2012). The aims of this paper were to minimize the times and the costs of cadastral surveys, to eliminate the errors, and finally to unblock the real estate market by involving the volunteered land parcel owners. Basiouka & Potsiou (2012) evaluated the result by comparing the volunteered cadastral...

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