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Critical Review Of The Poster "Are We Boiling The Earth?"

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Humans are nature. This is undeniably true since humans revolutionised from the nature itself. However, the issues pertaining on nature are always taken for granted. Humans perceive nature as a property and treat it the same way they treat the other properties, perpetually, they are disconnected from the nature. In order to regain the awareness about issues pertaining on nature, numerous numbers of campaigns have been launched. The use of poster will be one of the most practical ways to pervade the issues emphasised in a campaign. This review aims on the four paramount aspects that are present in the poster entitled “are we boiling the earth?” namely the precious experience, the interpretation of the poster, the issue pertaining on global warming and the significance of issues raised.
First and foremost, the experience of working in a group really comes to surface in order to craft a fine artwork. One of the most forefront element in working as a team is the collegiality. In order to gain a significant impact of a team work, ones need to instill empathy and tolerance in themselves. Working as a team requires a strong correlation between the members and thus, the capability of an intuitive to lead the team always becomes handy. The leader functions as an interactive medium for ideas’ exchange and offers solution for any contradicting idea but not dominating the entire group. Ralph Nadev argues that “the function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not followers”. Other than the collegiality, members of a team also receive the golden opportunity to treasure further deep into themselves by reinforcing their interpersonal communication skills. The process of articulation of ideas can rather create a conflicting, unpleasant situation. The solution for the matter will be to fully utilise the intellectual communication techniques and imply ones’ own maturity to the fullest extend.

Secondly, the interpretation of the poster requires a profound knowledge on figurative images. The poster entitled “are we boiling the earth” accents the issue on global warming. Every objects projected on the poster has its own connotation which goes beyond the typical denotation. First and foremost, the image of the mother Earth is projected as having cracks on the top which has a resemblance with an egg. Here, the theme of the Earth’s fragility is explored. The magnificent creation of Earth can simply be destroyed with only a trivial human activity which is done perpetually. The image of the red, sizzling hot fire is meant to illustrate the perpetual deleterious human activities which include industrialisation, agriculture and deforestation and are driven by the humans’ greed. Other than that the image of the black, ruined hand connotes the meaning of the destruction of human kind together with the Earth. Subconsciously, humans who continuously destroying the Earth are driven into the destruction when there is no more place for them to inhabit in the future....

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