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Critical Review Of, “Enemy Of The State”

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In the following critical review of, “Enemy of the State” I will be addressing the obvious issue of the government’s infringement upon the privacy of United States citizens by the National Security Agency (NSA). However, before I do so, I would like to begin by outlining some initial pieces of information that is imperative for setting the context in which I will be viewing this issue of privacy invasion. I will begin by first giving a brief overview of the United States Government and where it’s initially receives the power to exercise authority over its citizens, and its responsibility to us as the citizens. I will also be briefly discussing our role as citizens and out biblical ...view middle of the document...

The third and final institution that God ordains is the entity known as government. One of the best biblical instances that we are able to see his ordination of government is in Romans 13:1, where it explicitly states that all governing authorities were given by God himself. In this text it continues to state that we are to be subject to these governing authorities. Again in Mathew we see that Jesus tells his followers to render unto Caesar that which is Cesar’s, which again gives us a good depiction that whomever God appoints as the governing authorities above us he expects us to submit to. This carry’s a strong implication that we as the “subjects” of the government are to submit to the government, even to the point of giving the government our respect and honoring the government in the way that we act towards it as our governing body.
But what does this mean that the government should do for us? Well just as the other two institutions given by God to us, he has blessed us with government so that we can better fulfil the earthly and heavenly roles in which he has tasked us with. Because of government we are able to accomplish more quantitatively as well as qualitatively in our civic communities. Above this, our specific government has been structured so that its prime directive should be to secure our rights and safety as citizens’. I add the caveat “should” only because all too many times the inevitable fallen nature of the humans which make up our government comes in the way of the greater purpose of government.
This human error is exactly what transpires in the movie, Enemy of the state, when a high ranking NSA official arranges the murder of a congressman in order to try and get a bill passed that allows the NSA to tap all of the United States telecom and internet in order to make legal an extreme form of widespread surveillance. Aside from the explicit corruption shown within the nature of what this bill stands for in the way it infringes on our right to privacy. It also exemplifies how the corruption within government agencies will drive its officials to abandon their own prime directive in order to bring about personal gain for themselves, thus becoming the very entity that they swear to destroy.
The nature of the bill that NSA agent Thomas Bryan is so driven to pass would allow the NSA to tap phones and internet as well as public safety cameras in an attempt to prevent terrorism and other various types of crime. Although the theory behind this bill is sound, wanting to prevent terror and keep citizens safe, it would also infringe every citizens right to personal privacy, by allowing the government unrestricted access to personal phone calls as well as emails and any other type of media sent vie wire or radio frequency. As we see throughout the progressive revelation of the film, the NSA is already implementing this type of extensive surveillance despite its blatant infringement upon privacy rights.
The idea of the United States...

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