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Critical Review Of Study On Development Of Cba League Eap 1015 15 Gwu Assignment

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The George Washington University
This article called “Study on Development of CBA league” is written by Zhu Liang. It was published in Hubei Sports Science Journey. In his article, Zhu Liang points out five problems in CBA and proposes five suggestions correspondingly. This article provides an overall list and explanation of problems in CBA. On the whole, this article objectively provides views of development of CBA.
The purpose of this article is summarizing problems in China’s basketball association and finding better ways to develop. Five problems are that “systemic restriction” during operation, that single financing channel, that problematic legal system, that imperfect policy of recruitment of new players, and that specific problems during operation. There are also five suggestions that changing management system, that finding more financing channels, that improving relevant laws and systems, that exploring more ways to foster young basketball players, and that training specific talented people of sports administration and reasonable arranging games.
Zhu Liang quoted five sources in this article and all of these sources are written by other people who also study China’s basketball industry. The information, especially these five problems and five suggestions, in this article really provide a guidance for continuing researching problems in CBA. This article is written in Chinese and it is easy for people to read and understand because this article is clear and explicit. There is no bias in this article. This article is definitely well-organized. However, there is at least one problem that Zhu Liang does not mention in his article. That is there are not enough marketing strategies and marketing has been done...

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