Critical Review On Becoming A Leader By Warren Bennis

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Everywhere you trip is where the treasure lies.While looking for a book for my class assignment I bumped into tremendous amount of them talking about leadership. Why there are so many? Why has leadership received so much attention? Which one I have to pick? Why we study leadership at all? Isn't it what coming with years of experience? Many people believe that a leader is an aggressive person who "inspires" others to work hard to accomplish important tasks. Then why those publications take a colossal part in the market of popular books? Is leadership a learned behavior? "On Becoming a Leader" by Warren Bennis is the book I picked, intrigued by the front cover announcement "The Leadership Classic". Warren Bennis's approach in this book can be described as a "leadership by looking around". He discusses the essence of leadership and how individuals become leaders by examining numbers of successful leaders. Presence of these examples is very helpful, because we can integrate those leadership qualities into our own lives. In the very beginning of his book Bennis said "leadership is like beauty: it's hard to define, but you know it when you see it" . This statement is reflective throughout the book in those examples.In the introductions - one written for the original publication and one a few years later - Bennis states his premises about leadership. He believes that everyone has the capacity for leadership . Why he wants us, his readers, to be so confident? He acknowledges that there are no rules and predictable patterns in leadership, but still encourages us to take risk, make mistakes, and express ourselves to become a successful leader. He firmly believes leaders are made, not born . Learning and developing abilities are more important that the ability one was born with. Those who took risk, made mistakes, and reflected to own failure - understood, thus, learned from the experience, and become leaders. "On Becoming a Leader" is based on the assumption that leaders know who they are, what their strengths and weaknesses. Bennis's position is that "becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself" . The statement seems very simple, but it is difficult indeed. What he really means is that no one can teach how to become ourselves, how to take charges, how to fully-express ourselves. Leaders are those who were able to accomplish those tasks.In the first section of the book Bennis argues that a lack of leadership is one of the greatest dangers to society. He claims that America lost its way - "We forgot what we were here for." Certainly, there are not enough leaders in organizations, but the world isn't that bad. The world changes drastically. Most of the CEOs in America do not know how to use computers. Does it make them bad leaders? We always need competent leaders of any types and levels. Bennis's leaders are those who adapt changes. Very critically Bennis claims that "after World War II, America was chiefly notable for its bureaucrats and...

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