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Critical Review On Robert Gagne´S Nine Events Of Instruction

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Critical review on Gagne nine events of Instructions
During the early years and eras, there were many learning theories such as behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, and etc. Each of them gave big impacts on teaching and learning. To be more specific, Gagne developed nine events or steps used in instructions for teaching and learning and it is called Gagne nine events of instructions. From what I have learned in the last lecture, these nine events are still relevance and applicable even though it needs to be improve a little bit. But yet, it could still give a big impact towards teaching and learning until nowadays. For me, these nine events can provide learning guidance in education filed especially for teachers including me. It was more like a checklist or a guideline and it really beneficial to be applied in teaching and learning. The first event or step of instruction is gain attention. For me, it is a must and important for an educator to begin the class with a short welcoming session. The questions like “How are you today?”, “Did you taking your breakfast or not?” can increase the level of interest among students to learn on that day. For Muslim especially, the teachers give salam during they entering the class. It is good and this first event must be continuously applied.
The second event is informing the learners of purposes, objectives or goals. It is also a must for teachers to inform students on what they want to teach that day and what their expectations towards their students are. It is still relevance to be applied until now. This second event is important because students need to know what the expectations from their teachers towards them are. In addition, when students know the purposes, objectives or goals, they will know what are the skills and knowledge that they will get after the class end. So, it is still relevant to apply this second event. We cannot jump to another event because students will be confused on what their teachers want to teach them on that day.
Other than that, the third event of Gagne nine events of instructions is stimulating recall of prior information. This event has its significance in which it can help the students to recall back what they have learned during previous class. If teachers did not apply this, students might easily forget on what they have learned before. In fact, all things that we taught and learned, there must always be a link to each other and it will not stand on its own. We can supported this fact by focusing on Mathematics subject as an example. In primary school, there will be many related topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Teachers must relate all these topics before started a new topic that combine all those calculations so that the students’ understanding will be clearer.
The next event is presenting information. The significance thing is while presenting the information, instructors or teachers must present it in a small chunk. There...

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