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Critical Review On The Effets Of Mass Media On Violent Behavior

2207 words - 9 pages

Ashley Brosnan

Unit Code: AZA2/3463
Due Date: 7th April 2014
Tutorial: Friday 11:00- 12:00

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Studies Aimed at Validating the Existence of a Correlation
The Social Learning Theory
The Narrative Theory
Studies Aimed at Refuting Correlation
Reciprocal Determinism
Case Studies
4.1 Norway Massacre
4.2 Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting
4.3 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

With the invention of television sets (TV’s), came the invention of films and television programs to be shown on TV as well as the opportunity to broadcast live news stories. In modern day society, the news has become a 24-hour channel that contains violence, terrorism and numerous inhuman acts committed by ordinary citizens and repeats every story almost every hour (Ukoha 2013). Cartoons are no longer as ‘sweet as pie’ as Walt Disney had intended when he created Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney clan; children are now being plonked in front of cartoons that portray violence as being humorous (Ukoha 2013). Parents are no longer encouraging children to entertain themselves outside but are placing TV’s in their bedrooms, permitting them to watch whatever they want when they want to (Ukoha 2013).
The effect of media on violent behaviour has been the subject of research for many decades, this is mainly due to the fact that researchers have noticed a significant correlation between the violence portrayed in mass media and the violence exhibited in childhood and adolescent behaviour (Pusateri 2006). According to Corrigan (2010, p. 119), “most children view an average of 3-4 hours of television a day” and 93% of the media contains scenes of violent imagery (Meyers 2002).

In this particular review, the effect of violent media (more specifically video games and television) and the detrimental effect that it may have on violent behaviour on the members of society will be analysed, with the support of psychological and criminological theories. The following review will analyse past research that supports the argument that mass media has an effect on violent behaviour and the research that disagrees with the argument. Case studies will be provided as further evidence.

According to Pusateri (2006, p. 4) Mass Media can be defined as “any violent interaction that takes place on television (including the news), cartoons, films, music videos, computers, and the Internet and arcade/video games. Any aggressive or violent act against another person or animated fictional character that is intended to humiliate, degrade, harm, injure, seriously wound, or kill that person or character portrayed in the mass media” (Pusateri 2006, p. 4).

Pusateri (2006, p. 4) states...

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