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Critical Information System: Kudler Fine Foods

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The security and financial success of a company is only as good as the information systems that are used. If those information systems are outdated, run-down, or do not work to their full capacity, then the likelihood that theft, both internal and external, could occur or that product loss might happen is almost inevitable. However, if those same information systems are upgraded or new systems are purchased, security and financial stability of the company is greatly increased and the threat can be eliminated altogether. But what exactly is an information system? An information system refers to the "wider systems of people, data and activities, both computer-based and manual, that effectively gather, process, store and disseminate organizations' information" (International Graduate, 2009). This paper will focus on one information system used within Kudler Fine Foods, the Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS), and will discuss why and how this specific information system is critical to the company and its organizational structure.Kudler Fine Foods BackgroundFounded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, a former Vice-President of a defense contracting company, Kudler Fine Foods has become a desired locale for gourmet food in the San Diego, California area. First inspired by the idea of one-stop shopping, Kudler Fine Foods has grown from a single location in La Jolla, California, to two additional stores located in Del Mar, California (2000) and Encinitas, California (2003) respectively. All three stores serve high quality domestic and international provisions in the matter of produce, meat, seafood, dairy, bakery, pastry, and cheese products (Apollo Group, Inc., 2006). Kudler Fine Foods is dedicated not only to offering premium selections on food and wine that can be found throughout the world, but also to customer satisfaction.Critical Information SystemIn an effort to continually offer their customers the best gourmet foods throughout the world and maintain a growth in clientele, Kudler Fine Foods utilizes a Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS), which takes care of all administrative, financial, purchasing, and customer orders by automating processes and consolidating information throughout the entire company (Vormittag Associates, Inc., 2009). This is done through several independent programs that are included with REMS and include Job Scheduler, System Administrator, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software. Furthermore, with the implementation of a Value-Added Network (VAN), costs are reduced, productivity and accuracy in completion of orders and overall work are increased, inventory management and business relations are improved, management reporting occurs in real-time, and the use of paper, its storage, and processing of paperwork is reduced (Vormittag Associates, Inc., 2009).REMS Independent ProgramsJob Scheduler software gives Kudler Fine Foods the ability to create daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand procedures, which can then be...

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