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I believe Queer Theory best offers vision for how the world operates. As we develop as a country, things seem to change constantly. There are always new ideas in the world and everyone has to experiment. Queer theory is a prism through which scholars examine literary texts. Queer theorists scorn traditional definitions of ''homosexual'' and ''heterosexual.'' It is said that there is no strict demarcation between male and female. Only since the 19th century, queer theorists argue, have sexual definitions become rigid. And along with this rigidity, has come anxiety, panic and intensifying homophobic attitudes. Queer theory is a reaction to a school of 1970s feminism that believed each sex comes with its own essential characteristics.
They believe that the human body may not be essentially male or female. When you take a step back from all the cultural trappings of gender, bodies can be hard to categorize on a purely empirical basis. All of us have character traits that swim against the gender mainstream. What about that woman with the short, pixie haircut? Or that dude with the long ponytail? All people are a mixed gender bag, which means that the penis is no longer the center of the universe. It teaches us that language and human expression, in all its forms, are stranger than we ever thought possible. As many are still not fond with the idea, the rise of cultural studies in Queer theory over the last 15 years has become more and more part of mainstream literary...

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