Critical Thinking And Decsion Making: Let It Pour Case Study Analysis.

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"Have you noticed that the one thing you can count on when working in today's fast-paced healthcare setting is that it's full of surprises, that nothing is simple anymore?" (LeFevre, 2002). However, it is my personal opinion, that it has taken more than just a few "rainy days and Mondays" to have placed Faith Community Hospital in the critical care situation it is currently facing. Their "mission to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities they serve through a comprehensive continuum of services" is being threatened by the inability of management to recognize, identify and correct the problem(s) that are slowly eroding the hospital's infrastructure and threatening its stability. The intent of my analysis is to identify the issues the hospital administrative staff must confront, as well as provide possible solutions to initiate the recovery of an ailing hospital administration. In fact, Albert Einstein, a great problem solver, has been quoted as saying "the formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution." Therefore, after close scrutiny of the case study in question, five main concerns have become apparent:*Personal agendas have been allowed to override policies set forth by Faith Community Hospital causing a conflict in values*Vast disorganization;*Ineffective communication abilities;*A definite lack of cohesiveness among the administrative staff, doctors and nurses;*Each department is functioning independently of the others;.As a direct result of the main concerns noted above, the various day to day functions of the hospital are becoming increasingly overwhelming and all but impossible for the staff members to handle in an effective and efficient manner."Problem-solving is very important in helping us determine our goals and objectives (Ashley 2003)." However, solving the wrong problem can be as detrimental as ignoring the entire situation. Therefore, it is essential that we go about resolving the concerns of Faith Community Hospital using a systematic approach. Although, it has been my personal observation that identifying the cause of every problem in order to reach resolution is not necessary, I feel that the successful resolve of this situation depends upon it. A close examination of the facts has made it apparent that the root cause of the Faith Community Hospitals' situation is a matter of conflicting values. The other concerns raised are just the result of a "trickle down" effect.The mission statement promoted by the hospital implies "an implicit preference for one value over another (Univ. Phoenix 2003)." However, the inability of the Administrative staff to manage and enforce hospital policy combined with the inability of the medical staff to follow hospital policies and guidelines has produced a conflict in values. While the doctors, nurses and pharmacists may all share the value of sanctity of life, "each of them has their own ideas that they see as worthwhile. Subsequently, the value each...

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1690 words - 7 pages it expects to remain a viable healthcare option for the community. The leadership of the hospital must be willing to objectively, logically and systematically assess and implement the solutions that have been detailed in this document.Works CitedKiesow, Paul, "PDCA Cycle: An Approach to Problem Solving" Ceramic Industry (1994): 20. Rpt. inInterpersonal Skills in Organizations. Suzanne de Janasz, Karen O. Dowd and Beth Schneider: New York, NY, McGraw-Hill, 2002. p. 396.Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant. University of Phoenix Critical Thinking Case Study. 20 July 2004. 1-3

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1969 words - 8 pages .* All stakeholders will know that their voices are heard.* Misinformation and assumptions will be long forgotten since facts will be checked and rechecked prior to be made public.In Conclusion, working together all stakeholders towards a common goal will achieve that Faith Community Hospital will be a champion in medical care for years to come.References:(2004). Decision Making Steps. In (Ed.), CSS/330 Critical Thinking and Computer Logic (Rev. ed., p. ). : The University of Phoenix. Apollo Group.(2004). Let It Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant. In, CSS/330 Critical Thinking and Computer Logic: The University of Phoenix. Apollo Group.