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Critical Thinking Case Study Css 330 Let It Pour: My First Assignment As Executive Assistant 681 Words

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AbstractThe Faith Community Hospital is undergoing some serious challenges within its Business management operations. The medical staff is conducting treatment on their own beliefs, religious or not. Making decisions and handling treatment for patients inconsistently; on a pro-bono or must pay basis. In addition, government agencies are considering the filing of charges against the hospital with regards to the current statistics of medical errors related patient directives. These challenges can be attributed to those involved in any capacity having differing views of what a not-for-profit service organization is all about.AnalysisThe hospital receives a diverse set of patients with religious backgrounds running the gamut. At the same time medical staff themselves have religious beliefs of their own. This conflicts with the beliefs of the patients and the following result is dissention. The hospital has particular patients who refuse to take certain medical services, and on the other hand, particular staff members who refuse to provide certain services.The CEO did report multiple cases of resuscitation efforts had taken place on the ward, even where DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders had been signed. The opposite event is also true to staff members not following DNR directives because they are driven by a personal directive of 'we have to do all that we can'. The beliefs of the patient must be respected. This is in accordance to the First Amendment rights.Faith Community Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital, not a donation station. The staff is still paid, and uninsured patients are taking its toll on the hospital's resources. In any business capacity, the operating costs must be met to maintain hospital services. Pro-bono work is on the rise. There are examples of counselors treating some of their clients under unauthorized pro-bono work. There is also an example of the pharmacist accepting payment installments from low-income patients.The opposite again is also true to some patients being turned away because they have no insurance coverage. Medical practitioners may have a moral obligation to treat patients that cannot pay, but the obligation must be offset with the continued...

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Let It Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant

844 words - 3 pages Problem DefinitionFaith Community Hospital is facing numerous issues as the staff and management have fused their religious beliefs with their work. Clearly, the purpose and the meaning of the mission statement has not been communicated to every employee of the organization. As a result, the hospital has run into numerous problems. We would first have to list these problems before identifying solutions for implementation.1. Even though the

Critical Thinking Case Study: Let it Pour

1690 words - 7 pages it expects to remain a viable healthcare option for the community. The leadership of the hospital must be willing to objectively, logically and systematically assess and implement the solutions that have been detailed in this document.Works CitedKiesow, Paul, "PDCA Cycle: An Approach to Problem Solving" Ceramic Industry (1994): 20. Rpt. inInterpersonal Skills in Organizations. Suzanne de Janasz, Karen O. Dowd and Beth Schneider: New York, NY, McGraw-Hill, 2002. p. 396.Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant. University of Phoenix Critical Thinking Case Study. 20 July 2004. 1-3

Let It Pour - Critical Thinking Case Study

801 words - 3 pages Critical Thinking Case Study"With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we server through a comprehensive continuum of services provided in collaboration with the partners who share the same vision and values." (pg4) This is the motto of Faith Community Hospital. Although the interpretation of how to accomplish the motto varies, the

Let it pour: A critical thinking case study

2448 words - 10 pages utilized by the hospital staff.Let it pour: A critical thinking case studyProblemsCurrently, there are wide array of concerns that are plaguing the hospital's ability to run and maintain its daily functions. These concerns have become so interwoven into the daily operations that the very stability of the hospital has become threatened. There are three major concerns that need to be addressed and are currently effecting the internal operation of the

Critical Thinking and Decsion Making: Let It pour-Case Study Analysis

1645 words - 7 pages CEO has already completed the analysis when she presented the situation to Chris Smith. Since Chris has been hired as an Executive Assistant to Pat, and is aware of the issues, it seems natural to appoint him as the facilitator of the problem solving process. However, before any action is taken, the opinions and view of the stakeholders must be considered taken into consideration. The stakeholders in this situation include the hospital's board

Critical Thinking and decision making defined w/examples APA format 1362 words from University of Phoenix class CSS 330

1327 words - 5 pages it was based on its benefits, its deficits, and the necessity to the war effort. This same case, now that the event is history, can now be used as a critical thinking example. Today, the question could be posed "Should we have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan?" Did the benefits outweigh the loss of human life?The leaders of the United States had a world changing decision to make. They weighed the pros and cons and all the facts they had and made

Let it pour case study

1824 words - 7 pages medical hospital are the same issues that lots of hospitals face. For the purpose of critical thinking I broke down the ideas that I thought would work. But, if I were presented with this issues as Chris Smith was in the case study, my first suggestion would be to seek the help of other hospitals through out the country. All hospitals have these issues so I would go out and find the hospitals that are most successful in dealing with the issues

Case Study - Let it Pour MGT350 UOP

1736 words - 7 pages The article entitled: "Let it pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant", poses three major problems facing the Faith Community Hospital organization. Chris Smith was recently promoted to the position of Executive Assistant, and is tasked with helping the troubled Chief Executive Officer solve these issues. Chris has recently graduated from the University of Phoenix, and is very excited about the prospect of helping the CEO with such an

MGT 350 - Case Study - Let It Pour

1962 words - 8 pages Case Study - Let It PourMy First Assignment as an Executive Assistantxxxxx xxxxxMGT350/Critical Thinking Strategies in Decision-MakingJuly 1, 2005Case Study - Let It PourMy First Assignment as an Executive AssistantCase AnalysisThe motto of Faith Community hospital rings loud and clear: "With the foundation and commitment of our spiritual heritage and values, our mission is to promote the health and well-being of the people in the communities we

"Let it Pour" Case Study Analysis

2310 words - 9 pages .), "Provider Participation Information", Retrieved February 8th, 2005from, Margaret, et al., Through the Patient's Eyes. Understanding and PromotingPatient-Centered Care. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993.Olson, G (1997), "The 1997 Federal Balanced Budget Act: Background and PotentialImplications for the States", para. 27, Retrieved February 9th, 2005 from of Phoenix Course Material (n.d.), "Case Study Let it Pour My FirstAssignment as an Executive Assistant", p. 2

Let it Pour: A Case Study

1501 words - 6 pages Let It Pour: A Critical Thinking Case StudyThere is growing problem that is facing all operations of the Faith Community Hospital. From administrative staff members down to the nurses and doctors, all personnel have lost the intent and scope of the vision. With the different agendas that are being introduced into the daily operations, it has become a very difficult task for the management team and the various members of its support staff to

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Critical Thinking Case Study: "Let It Pour My First Assignment As Executive Assistant"

1969 words - 8 pages .* All stakeholders will know that their voices are heard.* Misinformation and assumptions will be long forgotten since facts will be checked and rechecked prior to be made public.In Conclusion, working together all stakeholders towards a common goal will achieve that Faith Community Hospital will be a champion in medical care for years to come.References:(2004). Decision Making Steps. In (Ed.), CSS/330 Critical Thinking and Computer Logic (Rev. ed., p. ). : The University of Phoenix. Apollo Group.(2004). Let It Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant. In, CSS/330 Critical Thinking and Computer Logic: The University of Phoenix. Apollo Group.

Let It Pour My First Assignment As Executive Assistant

567 words - 2 pages Executive AssistantCase Study AnalysisCritical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making - MGT 350, Strategies in Decision Making class article: Let it Pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant, has three key situations at the Faith Community Hospital among others. Chris (EA) and Pat, (CEO) will resolve these key situations.Identify the ProblemThe most common problem with the hospital administrators is the rising cost of healthcare pricing

Let It Pour My First Assignment As Executive Assistant

2023 words - 8 pages Let it pour - My First Assignment as Executive Assistant is an article that deals with problems at Faith Community Hospital. Chris Smith was just promoted to Executive Assistant at the hospital. His first task is put together a preliminary report that the CEO will use to prepare his speech for a staff meeting This is the first staff meeting of its kind in almost ten years. Solving the problems the hospital is facing seems to be important to the

"Let It Pour: My First Assignment As Executive Assistant"

1308 words - 5 pages the rest of the process.ConclusionDecision-making tools and techniques coupled with standard case study analysis enabled us to identify inherent failure points in the business process, understanding why the process was failing to meet the business need and recommending a framework of solutions steps to remediate the problem was critical in solving a large part of the problem. Without these tools, we were failing to truly understand a position or problem as it was presented to us.