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Critical Thinking Crucial to Global SuccessThe article examines the current language teaching methods and techniques used in Indonesian schools. The author states "that many have suggested the current language education curriculum from elementary school up to college needs to be completely overhauled" (Alwasilah, 2002). The author suggests "the current methods used for teaching is monotonous, teaching materials are old, the teacher has no vision, and the subject does not provide students with required knowledge and skills to develop themselves" (Alwasilah, 2002). The author states, what matters most to students is whether the teacher is empowering intellectually. (Alwasilah, 2002) The article provides examples of a new improved method of teaching language, starting with "professionally designed language teaching that will significantly improve the teaching of other subjects and enhancing the student's intellectual ability" (Alwasilah, 2002).Asia is used as a model for the "need to update ways of teaching both national and foreign languages at all levels of education" (Alwasilah, 2002). The author recommends exposing students to critical thinking that will help them develop essential life skills. Reference is made of the current testing methods used, as "dysfunctional for developing critical thinking skills" (Alwasilah, 2002).In order to meet global challenges and success the author believes language teaching should be aimed at mastering critical thinking. (Alwasilah, 2002)Critical Thinking 3Personal perception of this article is the author wants the audience to believe his conclusion of the ineptness of the techniques and teaching methods currently in use and the given need to over haul the system.The assumptions and fallacies cited in this article infer that "teachers have no vision; students are most concerned with whether the teacher is empowering intellectually; the tendency among non-language...

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526 words - 2 pages resolve the problem, the author recommends updating the teaching methodologies with critical thinking as one of the focus of curriculum. The students need to be provided better opportunities to communicate, contribute and be encouraged to develop critical thinking. This change would help them face global challenges and competition in an effective manner.ReferencesCritical thinking crucial to global success, Jakarta Post (Indonesia), May 02, 2002

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755 words - 3 pages messenger service. After negotiating a very good proposal to my superior, I was given the approval. The next day, Katey had her basket waiting for her in her room safe and sound and her son was thrilled with his surprise. That week, my boss told me Katey called wanting to express her gratitude for my help. I made her son's birthday a success and a trip to remember to NYC."Critical thinking is, in short, self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored

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664 words - 3 pages AbstractThe purpose of critical thinking is to achieve understanding, evaluate view points, and solve problems. One can say that critical thinking is the questioning or inquiry to understand, evaluate, or resolve.This paper will summarize the article "Critical Thinking Crucial to Global Success" by A Chaedar Alwasilah. The article examines the ineptness of the various methods and techniques of teaching language in Indonesia.This analysis will