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Critical Thinking: "Maybe Bush Doesn't Want To Capture Bin Laden?" By Cindy Rodriguez

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As published in the Denver Post, "Maybe Bush doesn't want to capture bin Laden" by Cindy Rodriguez is a direct stab at the Bush administration. Rodriguez's essay entirely demeans the character of our nation's president. I believe that the entire article is primarily based upon Rodriguez's own "pent-up emotions" resulting from September 11. Rodriguez repeatedly bashes the president, going far enough to accuse President Bush of his "ties with the bin ...view middle of the document...

It seems that Rodriguez "snuck past police barricades" to see the wreckage of September 11. This does not seem like an honest law-abiding individual who can be trusted. Her sources are doubtful, and her alleged accusations are almost certainly incorrect. Rodriguez herself asks "why, indeed did this happen?" In my opinion, she wasn't looking for answers; she was looking to answer other's questions. Through her own faulty assumptions, Rodriguez collected false information about the 'inside job' between Bush and bin Laden.While reading this essay, I was under the impression that Rodriguez felt sympathy for those who lost so much during the attack. "The miracles families prayed for never came." However, I think she aimed to have real empathy for those affected, and searched out a solution to their remorse and inquiries. I find the majority of her 'points' worthless and I became irritable and defensive while I read the article, most likely due to my own biases about Bush. As an American, I strongly believe that we all need to support our nation and whatever cause we may struggle for. In addition, I do not agree that we are losing; neither the war nor our innocence. We are fighting to keep America safe.

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