Critical Thinking Nature Of Logic And Perception Paper

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IntroductionIn this paper I will discuss the nature of logic as I understand it, with an emphasis on an instance in my life that illustrates how my critical thinking process was used to deal with the situation.It started with the excitement of knowing we were going to have a baby. I got the news and was overjoyed at the thought of being a father. I thought of the football games, fishing and the like. My father had died when I was very young and I never had a good male role model in my life. So here was my chance. I was going to have a baby and would be the best father and parent I could be.We did the normal regular check ups each month at the doctor's office. I attended most, if not, all of these visits. I wanted to understand the process of birth and development. During this time I started to read a great deal about being a parent. It seemed pretty easy overall. Change the diapers, give the baby a bottle, and put the baby to bed for sleep. Pretty routine stuff, I thought, since I had been doing this for myself for many years. I mean I eat, sleep and use the bathroom, so how hard could it be?After about nine months give or take a few days (seemed like years) our daughter was born. What a beautiful little girl. What, no football, baseball or fishing? Though these were not my first thoughts in my mind, I could not help thinking about that. When I held her for the first time I was amazed at the detail and beauty that was my daughter. We bonded for about an hour, I guess they call it that, and she slept in my arms for that hour, once or twice opening her eyes to look up to see me. This time was critical for me though. I'll never forget those moments in time: I was alone with my baby, my wife was in recovery and I was just looking with amazement and joy at what we had produced.The changes over what I had originally though about happened almost instantly. I realized that my daughter was totally helpless, except for what we did for her. She could not eat, walk or do really anything except cry. The facts...

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Nature of Logic and Perception Essay

1058 words - 4 pages to perceive an object as roughly the same in spite of changes in the retinal image. Psychologists have identified a number of perceptual constancies, including lightness constancy, color constancy, shape constancy, and size (Critical thinking Across the Curriculum Project).         Lightness constancy means that our perception of constancy. An object's lightness or darkness remains constant despite changes in illumination. To better

Nature of Logic and Perception Essay

1032 words - 4 pages Nature of Logic and Perception What is real? Our perception of reality is often a product of the environment in which we live. In general, we formulate ideas of reality based on our own experiences as well as the experiences of the people around us. Our lives are influenced constantly by our surroundings. The act of critical thinking is what separates us from the other animals on our planet. As stated by Kirby and Goodpaster "that many

Nature of Logic and Perception

966 words - 4 pages and open his or her mind to new ways of thinking by learning to overcome the personal barriers that exist. Logic and PerceptionThe Encarta World English Dictionary defines logic as, “sensible rational thought and argument rather than ideas that are influenced by emotion or whim.” Logic is rooted in reason. Facts and finite realities play a role in reaching a logical conclusion. Logic requires an unbiased view. Perception is rooted in one’s senses

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1021 words - 4 pages become intently focused on their prey to ensure a clean kill. Woman took in her surroundings to gather food, and keep their children safe. Nature, survival of the fittest, is just one influence on our orderly thinking. Logic, the process of orderly thinking, is influenced by so many factors, such as gender, enculturation, emotional influences and experience. These influences have a direct impact on the perceptions we carry with us throughout

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695 words - 3 pages me as usual and asked whether or not I was prepared to take the test. I though that this was a funny question coming from a person that constantly copied the answers from my work. I asked him was he prepared and he told me that he was. I have to say that I was thinking that he was prepared alright, to copy off of my paper. The teacher passed out the final to everyone. As we began to take the final I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he

Nature of logic and perception

677 words - 3 pages Critical thinking is the formation of logical inferences as described by Simon and Kapplan (1989). These inferences help to shape our perception of ourselves and the world around us. Oftentimes the perceptions we formulate are not always an accurate reflection of the real world. There are many external influences that can assist in the distortion of our logical thinking. Gender, personal feelings, ethnicity, culture biases, age, religion, and

The Nature of Logic to Critical Thinking.

1483 words - 6 pages The nature of logic and its relation to critical thinking is very profounding. It is important to understand how people think and make the unknown number of decisions everyday. "If people do not understand the workings of the brain, if they cannot enter its inner sanctum and unfold its mystery, then how can they define thinking?" (Thinking, 1999) What causes the perceptions that are created? Logic works as a guide through the critical-thinking

Nature of Logic and Perception Paper 11/03/2004

1977 words - 8 pages Critical Thinking: Logic Versus Flawed Perception Look up the definition of the words "think" and "thinking" in the dictionary and you will find a myriad of answers ranging from the practice of reasoning to how we see the world around us. The common theme, if a bit simplistic, is that in thinking, we use our minds to gather and process information, stimuli, or ideas. Critical thinking, however, is much more complex and involved in that it is a

Nature of Logic and Perception Paper Kirby, Gary R & Goodpaster, Jeffery R. (1999). Thinking. Prentice-Hall, Inc.

1195 words - 5 pages many philosophers since Aristotle have defined humans as thinking animals" (p. 3). For critical thinking permits us to ask the many probing questions that help use expand our understanding of what is around us and beyond, to learn new things - to explore. Our ability to absorb new concepts and think about new ways to use what we have learned is in our nature. Take an example from Thomas Edison. Edison, when inventing the light bulb, had made

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854 words - 3 pages PAGE PAGE 3 Nature of Logic Nature of Logic and PerceptionPrinciples of logic are very important part of the process of critical thinking. The nature of logic is when you have a situation, belief, custom, that is examined and reviewed in detail to discover the reasoning behind certain deeds. In today's world, I face complicated issues and problems in both my professional and personal life, and it becomes necessary to react to problems and

The Nature of Logic and Perception

750 words - 3 pages is weighting out all possibilities before coming to a conclusion. Using critical thinking helps us to rule out assumptions and it helps us to come up with what sounds or seems to have more logic. I can identify with a situation that happen to me where I didn’t use logic and my perception of reality was far from what was actually taking place. It also changed my perception of reality and the truth. I was dating an individual that I worked with

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Nature Of Logic And Perception Paper

985 words - 4 pages Logic and critical thinking play a large role in our perception with the way we choose to live, the way our opinions and thoughts are formed, and they way we make our decisions. There can be more than one solution to a problem or task and critical thinking helps us look at the options we have and decide which choice would be the best solution. By critically thinking, we are processing the solutions and eliminating the solutions what may not work

Nature Of Logic And Preception. This Paper Explains The Nature Of Logic To Critical Thinking, As You Understand It.

1151 words - 5 pages and judgment. Critical thinking, also cognitive, is a process through which we evaluate our ideas, habits, and belief systems through logic." The truth cannot be created based on feelings, opinions or assumptions, however, the truth can be discovered. Discovering the truth is accomplished by learning to think logically and critically. Critical thinkers are those who have evidence to support their perceptions. One of the first steps in critical

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954 words - 4 pages things that we experience also play an important role in how we perceive issues and also our thinking patterns. The focus of this paper is to discuss the nature of logic as it relates to critical thinking. Also covered will be my own perceptual process and an explanation of the types of blocks that influence my views. Logic and Critical Thinking Critical thinking involves understanding of the science of logic, including how to analyze

Nature Of Logic And Perception Essay 911 Words

911 words - 4 pages This paper will discuss the nature of Logic and Perception. It will discuss the meaning and the process of logic and perception as it relates to critical thinking, identify an instance in which my perception of a situation was far from the actual reality. The paper concludes with how my critical thinking process has changed. In order to discuss what the nature of Logic and perception is, we need to know the definitions of both logic and