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Critical Thinking Paper: Concerns Of Website Forums

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Critical Thinking Paper: Concerns of Website Forums
Enriching the learning experience for students with asynchronous techniques has become very popular, In the E-learning environment these techniques are crucial for the success of the students learning. The asynchronous techniques are also used in a classroom setting also, to add enrichment of the materials.

Asynchronous Techniques
Asynchronous model teaches communication with students who maybe in different times, and different places. Asynchronous models are more popular in E-learning environments than synchronous tools. Implementation of these tools are relatively low, many tools are free and most require no or minimal hardware or software. Some of the asynchronous tools include; discussion boards, blogs, social networking sites, and email. These tools can provide rich conversations, open lines of communication, and enhance teaching and students learning.
Concerns with asynchronous techniques
Each tool can come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Starting with one of the most common collaboration tools, E-mail. Some students will start depending on email as the primary communication tool and will not use the materials and resources on the course site. Another concern is the use of discussion boards which can with challenges of their own such as time consuming process of grading discussions. Post by students may lack higher thinking skills and some students may fail to find their voice in online discussions. Other concerns include the informal and flexibility of some tools which can be hard to maintain focus and foster critical thinking and some of the students may be embarrassed or reluctant to share thought on a board where all other students could scrutinize their efforts. Some of the techniques mentioned can be time consuming, difficult to browse, lack of credibility, and motivating students to participate in some techniques can be challenging.
One of the top concerns regardless of the technology is privacy, the risk involved with allowing students online include them accessing scam artist, political extremists and other influences that wouldn’t be appropriate for school.
Minimizing concerns. Many of the concerns listed above can be minimized by setting guidelines for each tools use and setting reasonable...

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