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The Study Of Cyber Bullying Victimization On Children Who Are Addicted To The Internet

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The study described in the article is a qualitative research since it seeks to explore a phenomenon whose outcomes are not known. The study investigates the problem of cyber-bullying victimization on children who are addicted to using the Internet (Tokunaga, 2010, p. 277). The findings of the study are important to teachers and parents whose children fall victim to cyber-bullying. The guardians can use the findings to detect and manage internet addiction and cyber bullying among children (Tokunaga, 2010, p. 282). The main limitation of the study is that it uses a very small sample size, which compromises the validity of the findings.

The article employs correlational research, as it seeks to identify the statistical relationship between two variables: video games and youth violence. The article begins with the proposition that video games have an impact on adolescent and youth violence (Ferguson, 2010, p. 377). In the article, the main dependent variable is youth violence, while the independent one is video games (Ferguson, 2010, p. 381).
The article will be important in my work, as it would enable me to understand children and adolescent psychology and behavior. The findings of the article indicate that violent video games make young people engage in violent behavior, as they often try to practice what they see in them (Ferguson, 2010, p. 387).
Although the study produced reliable results, it is not representative of the target population. The study drew all its participants from the Hispanic community, implying that its findings cannot be used to draw a representative conclusion that includes adolescents from other racial and ethnic groups.
The study is a casual comparative research since it seeks to identify the cause of a phenomenon between groups of people. In particular, the article seeks to establish the effect of evidence-based practice on the academic performance of special learners. The dependent variable in the article is academic performance, while independent one is evidence-based practice (Tankersley, Harjusola-Webb, & Landrum, 2008, p. 84). The findings of the study can help special education teachers understand special students better, which can enable the latter to learn quickly (Tankersley, Harjusola-Webb, & Landrum, 2008, p. 88).
The main limitation of the study is that it only derives its data by reviewing other literatures, which...

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