Critical Thinking Within A Cultural Context

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The story within the film “Beast of the Southern Wild” can give the viewer a lot of knowledge of the culture they lived in and why the characters acted how they did in several scenes compared to what individuals from other cultures would have done. The film can be believed to happen in recent times, mostly based on the vehicles which people drove and the medical equipment they had in the refugee camp, possibly pre-Katrina, in a location called “The Bathtub”, but if the film was written to take place of a real location, it could be believed to be towards the coast of Louisiana. The main characters were Hushpuppy (daughter) and Wink (father). The film told a story of a young girl who was in ...view middle of the document...

He didn’t seem obsessive, aside of his drinking habits, and he only attempted to improve his lifestyle ever so slightly when he had his significant other and child. I see this due to my personal culture of only receiving what one need, not what ont can’t obtain, but if possible, attain what one desires if it’s a positive benefit.
Another similarity is the imagination of kids. The imagination of a kid is limitless, only restricted by the kid and it’s culture. Before I moved to North Carolina, my siblings and I played outside all day until the moment we couldn’t see the light of day. Our imaginations were limitless, always dreaming up adventures each day and always believing that natural instances were from our doings. As an adult, I now know what I used to think were childish, but as a kid, there wasn’t much to know of.. When I was a kid, we really didn’t have electronics, and when we did, we hardly used them. Hushpuppy imagined the storm was her fault after yelling and hitting her dad. She didn’t really have much knowledge as an adult, she also didn’t have much techonology surrounding her, so she believed what she thought up in her mind. Her beliefs were also from what she read in school or taught from Ms. Bathsheba. Her imagination was so limitless that she couldn’t tell if the aurochs were real or part of her imagination, but nonetheless, she confronted them without fear, as if it was her final test to complete her journey.
A difference between the culture of the film and the culture I was raised in was the overall intellegence. Because they lived in poverty, they were restricted from technological advances that maybe the rest of the world had. The way Wink and the people talked in the town and its surroundings, it seemed as if they weren’t intellectually advanced and in a certain way, a bit “dumb”. Although inapproprate (or rude), even for myself to say, what I mean by “dumb” is the way they used certain words, as if they lacked proper grammar in many instances. In my culture, the main reasons why one lacks proper...

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