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Critical Web Site Elements And Web Site Review Of Image Stream.Com Site

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Web Site Elements and Review of ImageStream SiteAs Patrick Lynch and Sarah Horton put aptly in their Web Style Guide (2002), many of the complex Web site creations from the past few years are like "1960s architecture" making users "wince and wonder how it could ever have been fashionable." ImageStream maintains a simple Web site strategy. The company provides customers with detailed market positioning and technical information about its products and technology solutions. At the same time, the company seeks to make the customer feel as comfortable working with ImageStream on-line as they would be if an ImageStream representative were to visit them personally. By providing clear, user-centered tools for pre- and post-sales needs, ImageStream has found a way to add value to the on-line experience and continues to use its informative site as a competitive advantage in the network infrastructure equipment market.In order to maintain its competitive advantage, however, ImageStream must be able to anticipate and direct changes in its equipment market. A solid strategy that provides a wealth of information and encourages customers to make use of ImageStream's worldwide sales channel can offset strong competition from well-heeled, but less nimble, competitors such as Cisco Systems. Today's technical buyers have high expectations for quality, performance, price, convenience, and customer service. A corporate Web site often represents the first contact a prospective customer has with any company. ImageStream's ability to proactively exceed customer expectations through its on-line presence will ensure that the company can continue to deliver strong sales growth and high customer retention levels.Navigation and UsabilityAn organized, content-rich, professional Web site creates value in the mind of customers and prospective customers. The site needs to act as a multi-functional tool, acting at once to excite prospective buyers, market the company itself, provide technical solutions and information for customers and sales channel partners, and encourage visitors to return to the ImageStream site for answers and information. A Web site must provide intuitive navigation with text and non-text links to key sections and a clean, consistent design template. The ImageStream site uses small graphics and limits the number of different topics covered on a single page. The simple design minimizes download times while providing customers with a fast, efficient, and user-friendly on-line experience with ImageStream.ImageStream uses a logical domain name,, making the site easy to find for new customers to find the site by typing in the obvious URL or by searching at search engines. The company uses static page titles and textual content that search engines can easily index. With text links, a JavaScript drop-down menu and linked pictures, visitors can easily maneuver through...

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