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Critically Analyze The Role Of Senior Managers As Barriers To Organizational Change And Explore How This Can Be Addressed

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Critically analyze the role of senior managers as barriers to organizational change and explore how this can be addressed.The purpose of this essay is to critically address the role of senior managers as barriers to organizational change and explore how this can be deal with. In the first part of the essay the organizational change, organizational behavior and organizational culture will be defined and then the responsibilities of senior managers in the organization will be explained. The paper will then go on to look at the roles of senior managers that impact as a barrier on organizational change. Kotter and Schlesinger cited in Niccolò Machiavelli (1513) that to initiate a new order of things is most challenging, dangerous and carry the chances of high rate of unsuccessfulness. In today's dynamic world, organizational leaders must be attentive about the context in which their organizations are situated, being particularly considerate to changes in the general and task environments. Also, in order to survive and prosper, they must be knowledgeable about how to implement or resist changes for their organization. Unfortunately, effective organizational changes are rare (Gilmore et al., 1997; Burnes, 2004; By, 2005; Meaney and Pung, 2008). According to Burnes (2009) Management is about the present, it is about the maintaining the status quo and it is about objectivity and aloofness. Leadership is about the future, it is about change and it is about values and emotions. However, whilst management and leadership may be different, this does not mean that managers and leaders are or should be different people. Most management and leadership roles require a mixture of transactional and transformational skills.As George (1995) stated an organization is defined as a collection of people who work together to achieve a wide variety of goals. According to Gordon (1993) organizational behavior is defined as the feelings and actions of employee in the organization. The field of organizational behavior covers the body of knowledge resulting from these feelings and actions. It can help senior managers understand the difficulty in the organization, recognize problems, find the solution for them, and set up whether the changes would make an important difference or they should stop changes. The term of organizational change is used to explain the change process that a company goes through in answer to a reorganize, change in management, strategic reorientation, merger or acquisition or to improve new goals and objectives for the company. As market and technology changes, organizations face with a great challenge to adapt. Though, not all organizational changes are the effect of unplanned reasons, some of them may be planned and deliberate, and quite intentional. Market demands, the introduction of new technologies, and an internal push for growth are some of the major factors driving change in organizations. Organizational culture is a pattern of beliefs...

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