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Critically Discuss Of The Importance Of Material Culture To Either Tourists Or Migrants

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The number of international tourists has been steadily increasing globally to 1035 million in 2012 with arrivals growing by 4% in the same year (UNWTO, 2012). With this number set to increase and numerous countries' economy becoming ever more dependent on tourism, it is essential to examine a tourist's relationship with material culture whilst on their travels. With the purpose of critically discussing the importance of material culture to tourists, two key terms are needed; 'material culture', the relationship between people and objects (Thrift, 2000), and 'tourist', a traveller who visits places away from home for pleasure. This essay begins by considering the differences in the types of tourists and tourism and how a tourist's connection with material differs with each. It then discusses the significance of souvenirs to a tourist and how this type of material can have very personal meanings to their owner. In the pages that follow it will become clear that the importance of material culture varies between each individual, and the purpose of travel influences the need for specific materials by the tourist.
In order to discuss whether material culture is important it is imperative to define a 'tourist'. Atkinson et al describes a "hierarchy of explorer (charting the unknown), the traveller (encountering difference) and the tourist (following the well-worn trail and reproducing the familiar)" (2005, ). In this context the explorer and traveller aim to experience different cultures and gain knowledge through physical engagement with the destination. (Atkinson et al, 2005). This desire to obtain experience and knowledge, rather than objects, through travel suggests that material culture is not of the most importance during their journey. However, as status becomes more prominent in the definition of a traveller, as one being "a product of a middle-class value system" (Atkinson et al, 2005, ), items such as souvenirs or photographs can play the part of validating the knowledge gained or for one to illustrate they are 'well-travelled'. At the bottom of the 'hierarchy' is the tourist, the largest proportion of international travellers, who look to visit places familiar to them. An example of this is the flocks of British people visiting Spain, many consistently returning year after year. Resorts in these areas have, to some extent, adopted British cultures and offer typically British food, drink and way of life. These include the English breakfast or pub (Atkinson et al). All three types of traveller use visual possession to turn landscapes and people encountered on their travels into objects for their aesthetic pleasure (Atkinson et al, 2005). This idea questions whether, for tourism as a whole, tourists seek physical fulfillment from their travels from objects and interactions with these objects; or, if spiritual fulfillment is more significant and they value the experience and intangible over the material.
The type of tourism is another...

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