Critically Discuss The Rationales Underpinning ‘Universal’ And ‘Selective’ Models Of Welfare Provision.

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The universal model of welfare provision provides services as a right of citizenship and provides to all or to at least categories of people, such as the elderly (Elliot 2003, p. 1). Whereas, the selective model of welfare provision involves establishing criteria and a process for means testing applicants to allow access to welfare (Elliot 2003, p. 1). The universal and selective models of welfare relate to institutional and residual welfare, the difference amongst the two is the former are the methods of welfare, whereas the latter are principles of welfare (Buckmaster, 2009). This essay will firstly identify and discuss the rationales underpinning universal and selective models of welfare ...view middle of the document...

This programme is provided through university qualified early childhood educators, with a strong focus on participation from the disadvantaged (Ayres 2011, p. 4). Each state government has applied strategies to ensure universal access to pre-school programmes across a variety of settings (Ayres 2011, p. 4).
The two examples demonstrate two policies that are implemented to provide individuals and society with universal healthcare and childhood education to further benefit society.
The selective model is defined as policies and practices that aim to only provide social assistance to a select group of people, who are considered most in need (Carson & Kerr 2014, p. 290). The assistance is provided on the basis of being income tested and a possible implementation of a mutual obligation (Hajkowicz & Mason 2013, p. 229). This correlates to the principle of a residual welfare system. This refers to where welfare is a precautionary buffer for those who are in need of assistance (Buckmaster, 2009). The selective model of welfare provision has proven favourable in most nations as it is cost effective, and through income and means testing admin employment is created (Buckmaster, 2009).
An example of the selective model in Australian society is Centrelink. Centrelink is a welfare provision of safety net income to those who are eligible (Hajkowicz & Mason 2013, p. 229). For example, if a student was to apply for a student based benefit. The student would have to fulfil the criteria to be eligible for the benefit and the student’s parent’s earnings would be income tested. If the parent’s income was above the financial criteria, the student would no longer be eligible for the benefit as their parents have the means to support them.
A second example demonstrating the mutual obligation aspect of the selective model is the Newstart allowance. Newstart allowance is targeted towards individuals who are unemployed and are in need of financial benefits while seeking employment (Carson & Kerr 2014, p. 185). For a person to continue to receive this benefit, a mutual obligation between the service and the applicant is enforced. To fulfil the mutual obligation, the individual must report to the service with evidence the individual is actively...

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