Critically Evaluate The Links Between Employees Training And Development And Company's Performance

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The aim of this paper is to critically analyse the links between employees training and development and companies performance. It will examine critically needs analysis, organisational analysis, person analysis and competency based training including Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD). It will also touch diversity in workplaces, performance appraisals in organisations. The paper would discuss learning organisation, cost and benefits of conducting Training and Development (T and D) programmes, job design and job analysis and how organisations can implement training programmes.The function of training and developing human resources are only the initial stages in building an effective workforce. The development of human resources, in fact, should be viewed as beginning with their induction and continuing throughout their employment with the organisation. SHRD has become a vital tool to the success of modern organisations. Rapidly changing technology requires that employees possess the knowledge and skills necessary to cope with new processes.T and D plays a crucial role in generating improved organisational performance and individual growth, but it must be aligned with corporate objectives if an organisation is to gain any real benefit from expenditure. Failure to link T and D to business objectives means that the organisation's competitive strategy will not be supported. T and D will take place for their own sake. The ultimate purpose of T and D is to help the organisation and individuals to compete more effectively, now and in the future. It involves a strategic, long term and systematic way of thinking about people. To add value, T and D activities must be derived from an explicit strategy that is consciously linked to the business strategy. The HR manager can contribute toemployee development by reminding management of the strategic importance of T and D and by ensuring that the organisation is attractive to talented employeesTrainings are planned programmes designed to improve organisational performance for individuals or groups. Improved performance in turn means that there have been measurable changes in knowledge, skills and attitudes. Training represents activities that teach employees how to better perform their jobs; while development involves those things that prepare an employee for future responsibilities. Human Resource Development (HRD) includes T and D, career planning and performance appraisal. It focuses on the acquisition of the required attitudes, knowledge and skills to facilitate the achievement of employee career goals and organisational strategic objectives (Nankervis et al 2002).SHRD is an important tool for organisational performance and effectiveness. Basically, HRD is very paramount to human resource planning which links productivity, product development, market share and sales growth. Studies have shown that training investments results to increase in profitability (Kallengerg and Mody 1994 as cited in Horwitz...

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