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Critically Consider The Argument That Sport Is Primarily An Individual Act

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1. IntroductionNowadays, along with the development of global economy, the consumer culture has been brought focus on more and more people. More experts attempt to find some related factors which affect consumer culture through sociological methods. It is an interesting result that consumption has been influenced by many factors such as a person family, their gender, social pressures and so on. However, may scholars still maintain that consumption seem to be an independent activity.Consuming sport is a part of consumer culture, and it is also a special sector of consumer culture. In recent years, sport has become a part of everyday life due to the development of media and sport professionalization. Nevertheless, sport consumption is depending on consumer requiring, based upon the personal choice. That means is an individual personal act.This essay will try to explore this complicated phenomenon from perspectives, and identify the relevant effect factors for consuming sport. In first section, it will introduce consumer culture and try to identify that consumer culture seem to be an individual act. Then, it will argue that consuming sport is an personal activity, and it also based upon the individual choice.2. Consumer cultureConsume seem to be used to some meaning that something was used up and devastated from fourteen century. (Crawford, 2005)Consumption seem a resource to discussions of human consumption in both economics and environmentalism role. (Online, 1995) In Keynesian economics, "consumption is short-hand for personal consumption expenditure and it is determined by the consumption function, especially by the marginal propensity to consume. It is part of aggregate demand or effective demand." (Keynesian, 1930) Consumption can also be defined as 'the selection, adoption, use, disposal and recycling of goods and services', as opposed to their design, production and marketing. (Campbell, 1995; 102) Consumption is as a sector of social, culture and economic practices with the associated ideology of consumerism, and it has served to lawful capitalism in the millions people in the 1960s. (Bocock, 1993:2) Featherstone (1991) also indicated that the consumption of cultural goods has a special importance in the development of consumer culture, and it also is concern with the use of material goods. It is as well as to 'the social organization of the culture field and the market principles of supply, demand, accumulation, competition and monopolization which operate within the share of lifestyle, culture goods and commodities.'(Featherstone, 1991)"Consumers are persons or families that consume goods and services produced within the economy. Since this includes just about everyone, the term is a political term as much as an economic term when it is used in everyday speech. Typically when businesspeople and economists talk of consumers they are talking about person as consumer, an aggregated commodity item with little individuality other than that...

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