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Criticism Of Fast Food Essay

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Fast food refers to cheap and easy to prepare foods. Many of them have insignificant or no nutritional value to the body, and they contain excess fats, sugar, and calories. They became popular in the early 1950's, especially in the United States of America and other developed nations. Although any foodstuff that takes a short time to prepare is a fast food, the term is mainly applicable to foods available in restaurants, supermarkets, eateries, and food stores and has pre-cooked/preheated ingredients. Mainly, they appear in a take-away package. Some of the most common fast foods include hamburgers, sandwiches, salted snack foods, candy, gum, croissants, pizzas, kebabs, and noodles. Drinks ...view middle of the document...

Studies link the rising levels of cancer to the carcinogenic substances and preservatives in common fast foods (Schlosser 31).
Many fast foods available in eateries, supermarkets, and stores have high fat contents, salt, and sugar. Loyal consumers of fast foods record a sharp rise in their Body Mass Index (BMI) and rapid weight gain. The high levels of saturated fats in fast foods are one of the biggest risk factors of cardiovascular health conditions such as hypertension among other circulatory problems. Too much fat in the body thins the blood vessels or clogs them. The individual in question is likely to suffer from high blood pressure because the heart strains in supplying blood to all parts of the enlarged body through very narrow arteries and veins. Nutritional studies show that regular consumption of fast foods increases the level of calories, risk of all forms of diabetes, and obesity. Obesity refers to a health condition where one has excess fat in the body. The term is synonymously applicable with being overweight. Schlosser (41) notes that fast foods contribute to an increase in body weight because they are high in sugar and calories. Many consumers of fast foods have poor feeding habits and are unlikely to include fruits and vegetables in their diet. Therefore, they are prone to obesity and related complications.
Peptic ulcers are a health condition that emanates from regular consumption of spicy fast foods. It afflicts the gastrointestinal system and its acidic nature makes it very painful. Fast foods such as pizzas, salted snacks, and chips are some of the most common causes of the peptic ulcer disease. Atherosclerosis is a cardiovascular illness that emanates from the intake of large amounts of cholesterol. Salty foods alongside cholesterol lead to a buildup of a layer of plaque in the arteries. The arteries become narrow or clogged leading to a difficulty in blood circulation. It is one of the underlying causes of heart attack, stroke, and death. Fast foods are devoid of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits to help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.
Criticism against fast foods concerns the safety of animals. More often than not, scientists use animals to test these foods before releasing them for human consumption. If, by any chance, the foods are not fit, the negative effects bedevil the animal and its offspring. The long term effects may affect the future generations of the animal in question. For instance, in a study to test the friendliness of trans-fats in human bodies, scientists used monkeys as the samples to conduct the study. The animals sustained probable side effects that could affect their future lives. Those that took high levels of trans-fats recorded a steady rise of their abdominal fat and resistance to insulin. Therefore, the animals were prone to diabetes due to insulin resistance and weight gain (Burstein 36).
Some of the firms that specialize in the provision of fast foods practice utmost cruelty to...

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