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Critique Essay

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The Host by Stephenie Meyer is the fifth book she has written. It is also the very first novel that she wrote for an adult audience. The story takes place in a future setting and has the genre of being a science fiction novel. It can also be put into the romance genre because of the creative love story it has. The Host is all about love, betrayal, and the fate of humanity being at stake coming together.
In The Host by Stephenie Meyer, I can agree that story was written very well. The details in the story paint such a vivid picture it makes the reader feel like they are right there as everything is taking place. It was very shocking to find out there were no vampires in this book. The reason it was so shocking was because Stephenie Meyer wrote her four previous books based on the story of vampires. This book really caught my attention because Stephenie Meyer was able to change her writing style from previous books to fit this book perfectly. Another thing that really caught my eye was when I saw that this book was the first love triangle that involved only two bodies. It was only two bodies because an alien and the main character Melanie shared the same body together. I did find it a little disappointing though because in Stephenie Meyer's other books, there involved a huge love triangle. I felt like she was not really being creative using another love triangle idea. Even though this love triangle only involved two bodies, I felt like it was not original at all.
In stephenie Meyer's other books, they were named vampire fiction books for people who did not like vampires. That was because the story line was completely different from what people have known vampires to be like. In Stephenies book the host, she was able to wow me again by writing a science fiction novel for people who do not like sci-fi. What i really enjoyed was the action and fighting going on without real action. This is because there were no guns being fired, bombs going off, or loud explosions that would usually occur when someone is trying to save the world. This whole story was more of stealth operation...

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