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Critique And Commentary Of Film "V For Vendetta"

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Set in a realistic adaptation of a totalitarian, despotic Britain, V for Vendetta is the striking tale of V, hero stamped terrorist, and his seditious scheme to ignite a revolution. This is a terrific movie that captivates the audience amid an eerily relatable setting. With our world in a state of political turmoil, the film is very relevant to humanity’s history and gives the movie a true-to-life ambiance. The all-star cast makes the characters memorable and outstanding in their roles. A message of freedom resonates throughout the story, uplifting the audience and empowering the protagonist. Producers use vivid colors and shadowy scenery to give the film a bold style. As the plot thickens, ...view middle of the document...

Paralleling with the behaviors of our current bureaucracies, government officials are driven by greed, endorsed by pharmaceutical companies, and control the population by fear. Anyone who opposes the hierarchy is labeled a terrorist and detained without regard to their rights. Foreshadowing a possible future for the world, viewers are left with a disturbing impression that this could really happen to them.
Hosting a cast of talented, recognizable actors and actresses is a must for a memorable motion picture. The Wachowski brothers, writers of the Matrix trilogy, employed some major talent for this rendition of Alan Moore’s graphic novel. As the actor who stars as V, Hugo Weaving does a spectacular job of displaying his character’s eloquence, wit and skill. The beautiful and gifted Natalie Portman takes the stage as Evey Hammond. Bringing her experience and acting abilities to the set, she delivers a magnificent performance. They are joined by many other recognizable artist that composition this subversive action thriller. This distinguishable troupe comes together, making V for Vendetta an extraordinary work of art.
When a movie is inspiring and speaks to the hearts of its patrons, it engross the audience and emboldens the characters. The writers grab the attention of the audience with moving dialogues. V is a libertarian who aims to overthrow the corrupt regime, empowering him with the support of the people. His ideas of free will inspire the public to stand up to their oppressors and revolt. These philosophies are contagious, making their ways into...

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