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Critique Essay On Commercialism English 1301 Critique Essay

620 words - 3 pages

Gonzalez 3
John Gonzalez
Mrs. Ramirez
English 1301 2nd period
November 13, 2017
Word count:602
Final draft: Critique
Gary Ruskin, the executive director of Commercial alert, and Juliet Schor, a professor of sociology at Boston College wrote the article,” Every Nook and Cranny: The Dangerous Spread of Commercialized Culture”, to claim that commercialization has had many effects the people and that it has grown so large overtime that it is now a part of our everyday lives. As most readers can agree, commercialism has become obstructive and inevitable in our everyday lives to the point where it becomes normal.
Ruskin and Schor, support these claims by first giving examples of commercialism, then they explain how common commercialism has become and how big it has grown. Next they tell the truth of commercialism and how it is lawfully alright, and finally they tell how ads come in our lives and impact us as a whole. So their main purpose is to inform us about the truth of commercialism and how it effects in order to allow us to be aware of what commercialism is.
As Ruskin and Schor state their knowledge and facts on commercialism, they seem to clearly be experts on the subject. They state in chronological order how commercialism has evolved and become more and more a part of our lives than ever. They did this by first talking about the anti-tax movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s which promoted welfare, funding for the government and schools, and more marketing. Which is called, “Free Marketing.” Then they show commercialism become a big part in schools by showing kids ads and promoting them to sell, “Junk Food”, as a way of fundraising and promoting for the company from which they sell...

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