Critique Of “A Compilation Of Core Concepts”

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Claude Steiner is a follower and contemporary of Eric Berne, who founded Transactional Analysis (TA). Steiner has continued to lead the way since Berne’s death in 1971. In this article, Steiner endeavors to make Transactional Analysis understandable for the layperson. Consequently, he inserts short stories or scenarios in each chapter to simplify and make Berne’s theory understood.

Transactional analysts say that people are able to act in three different ways: as their Parents, as their Adult, and as their Child. These three behavior modes are called ego states, and each is important in its own right. In TA, the Child is seen as the source of the best of human beings—the only possible ...view middle of the document...

Transactional Analysts encourage people to be “straight” with one another and with themselves about their wants and feelings, rather than “crooked” and covert. In this manner, people can find out what they want and how to get it.

Byrne said people are born princes and princesses and their parents turn them into frogs. When a person receives continued negative input from the Parent ego state, a life script results. Scripting affects people in several ways. Scripting that affects people's capacity to love in a negative way causes depression. Sometimes the parents prevent the child from thinking his or her own thoughts and figuring out the world with his or her intelligence. The third type of scripting affects people’s capacities to enjoy and make healthy use of their bodies. Scripts are based on decisions to obey parental injunctions, even though they go against the child’s self-interests. It is at this point that the unhappy prince or princess trades autonomy for parental protection and becomes a comfortable frog. The decision involved is a switch from an “I’m OK” position to an “I’m not OK”...


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