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Critique Of An Advertisement Essay

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A critique of Haier D200 online manual
As technology advances, lots of products are flooding the market. These products range from simple easy-to-use toys to fairly-ease-to-play video games. Other products in the market are highly technical in nature. The need to understand the use of these products is very necessary and this explains the need for the use of manuals. What then is a manual? A manual is a documentation which is written with the intention of helping users of a particular product in knowing how best to use it (Online Technical Writing: User Guides). To further serve the increasing number of customers for product brought about the explosion of online manuals. If online manuals are supposed to help users of a product rather than confuse them, the online manual of Haier operating system which is available at needs exploring.Haier is a company that produces electronic appliance across countries of the world. According to their mission statement, the company believes in making life better by producing series of electronic gadgets ranging from refrigerator to phones. One of the phones advertised by the company is called Haier D200. The online manual of the company credits the phone with the following features: standby time of up to 115 hours, talk time of up to 3 hours, games, browser and short message (SMS) features. To prove their point, the company makes these visibly available on the phone and an online manual to go with it. The first part of the manuals says "Your Phone Earpiece Volume Side Key Display Left Soft Key Send Key Four ways Navigation Key Right Soft Key Power/End Key OK/Hot key to WAP Keypad Microphone Charging Port Front View Keys and Functions 1" (Haier D200 user manual). Other pages of the manual displayed quite a lot of information that is expected to make it easier for the phone to be used efficiently. Feedback from users of this phone is asking questions that the online manual did not answer. Concerns from the users stem from the facts that the manual actually stated that the phone has a good browser thus, the inclusion of a WAP browser in the phone. When the phone is therefore used in browsing, it generates too much heat that makes the phone unusable for many minutes after browsing with the phone. The manual also did not state categorically that after some weeks or months of phone usage, the LCD of the screen becomes dark thus rendering the phone completely 'blind' as users cannot see the inputs on typing. Going by the presentation of facts and features by the manual and, the constant feedback from users, this manual shall be critique on the following: presentation of items; usefulness; relevance; warranty and presentation of factsPresentation of items: Having a closer look at the manual as presented by the company, there are quite a number of items there. First-time buyer of this phone will be attracted to a number of expose made on the manual. Information on page...

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