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In the storied history of our nation, in times of crises, we have been blessed when the cream of the American populace rose to the top. When great leadership was required, honorable men stepped forward out of a sense of duty and service to lead our Republic with their strength, honor, leadership, and wisdom.
Unfortunately, however, there were times it seemed we picked our leaders from the squalid, backwaters of society and discovered that pond scum also rises to the top.
Most Americans recoil in disgust when shameful, corrupt, politicians use the sacred trust of the people for their own self-gratifying ideology or enrichment. Inversely, the nation reveres the heroes who answer the clarion call of leadership when we face hardship or peril. Since the birth of our republic, men were always there to lead the country to extraordinary victories in times of the most trying adversities.
Likewise, when the nation was afflicted with thieves, crooks, liars, and wannabe tyrants, good men were able to repair much of the damage inflicted by political scumbags and restore the country to reasonable health.
The leftwing media and Democrats foisted Barack Obama upon America, promising a President to make Lincoln proud. As it turned out, we got a charlatan masterfully trained in the art of misdirection and deception by the words of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx. A man with a personal agenda so radically anti-American, that he would not be President if properly vetted.
Just when the country needed a man trained and skilled in economics to lead us to a proven and self-sustaining, free enterprise system, we got a Marxist that believes in a redistributive economy controlled by an overactive, centralized federal government. We needed a man to create an atmosphere conducive to job creation by private business, but we got a sworn enemy of capitalism and the free enterprise system who believes in the failed premise that government must create jobs and control commerce.
When Americans needed a CEO, we got a community-organizing activist. When we needed a General, we got an apologist. Promised a Statesman, we got a President who alienated our friends, encouraged and gave comfort to our enemies from his first day in office.
Promised a President who would heal and unite the country. We got a man who looks under every rock for racism and turns up every corner of every issue looking for insensitivity and political correctness. Obama fans the flames of divisiveness like none other in the history of the presidency. He fails in everything that is important to a free people and blames his failures on others. Dividing everyone by class, race, gender, religion, and national origin is his only hope for reelection. He offers excuses, blame, and bravado, none of which solves problem, creates jobs or furthers the national interest.
When we needed a man to give us straight talk, and blessed with critical thing skills, we chose a man who parses every word and speaks in riddles and...

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