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Critique Of Milgram Essay

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In Stanley Milgram?s article ?The Perils of Obedience?, the Yale Psychologist, he conducted the new experiments, which test how the ordinary people will reaction to commands of the obedience. Stanley Milgram taught and conducted research at Yale and Harvard universities and at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. According to his article, Obedience is essential in the structure of social life; as in the past as today and in the future. With out obedience the world is disorder, which everyone lives for himself or herself and nobody care about rules. In the experiment, he decided to know and analyze how the people would react in a situation when they obey even that they know result will hurt innocent stranger. He divides the article in four sections ?An Unexpected Outcome,? ?Peculiar Reactions,? ?The Etiquette of Submission,? and ?Duty without Conflict.? After Milgram published this article, there was two psychologist wrote the reviews expressing their opinion and their views about Milgram?s experiment. They both have common about ?ethic? issues. Baumrind said Milgrim?s work and felt that it was very unethical; on the other hand, Parker views Milgrim?s experiment as not entirely lawful, but Parker see the value that Milgrim?s experiment.In the basic experimental of Milgram, two people come to a psychology laboratory with two different roles. They pick from large general public. One of them is designated as a ?teacher? and the other a ?learner.? The learner seated in electric chair; the part of the teacher was the real focus of the experiment. The teacher will be read lists of simple word pairs, and then test to remember the second word of a pair, if the teacher gives incorrect answers then the learner will receive steadily increasing electrical shocks. The shocks were ranged from 15 to 450 volts. The whole point of the experiment is to see how much ordinary person can obey with proceed in increasing pain on a protesting victims.An unexpected outcome in Milgram?s experiment, with various people all of them predicted that they are not going the protested and refuse with the experimenter. Some of people were mad and angry. But surprisingly about 60 percent of them were fully obedient continue the shock. For example, Fred Prozi, different case, at first he doesn?t want to continue with the experiment. He doesn?t want to take any responsibility for the Learner. When he gets shock up to 450 volts. But he continues answer the question with angry attitude.During the thirty experiment, the average shock used was less than 60 volts. According to Milgram, the people were in some sense against what they did to the learner, and others protested even...

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