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Critique Of Reading " Be Our Guest"

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The model that Disney uses in the Disney Institute, and which much of this book is based on, is call the Quality Service Cycle. It is made up of four main elements: "a service theme, service standards, delivery systems, and integration" (p. 29). These are what are described in the opening chapter as part of "Service, Disney Style." They can be applying to just about any company or organization. For someone hoping to adopt these principles they would begin with adopting a service theme. This is really a goal or objective, even maybe a kind of ideal that they hope to achieve in terms of satisfying their customer, or 'audience'. One of the main ways that this can go from the Disney model to just about any organization is for the people within that organization to use their practical knowledge of their own operations in order to set or establishing service standards. Besides creating a kind of road map on how to achieve the highest standards, these standards also are a checklist that lets Disney or another company knows how well they are doing. For Disney these service standards are safety, courtesy, show and efficiency.One very interesting part that grows out of this is how almost all the staff can and is involve in helping to define what will go into creating high service standards, as well as be then motivated to achieve the service theme or goal. Staff of all types, including managers, is referring to as the 'Cast' by Disney just as if they were in a movie. After the first chapter that introduces us to the basic ideas behind the book, the next two chapters focus more intensely on the above two themes: chapter two is on the magic of service itself, and chapter three is on the magic of the 'Cast'.So far the critique has highlighted the importance of defining service themes and standards. The heart of this is really knowing and understanding 'guests' - which are clients, customers or others who are on the receiving end of an organization's service. While we have heard about and learned about service philosophy and the Cast, it is not just the Cast that becomes the central focus after this. Beginning in chapter two is a detailed description of the importance of the staff, then the other two major systems that make up the delivery of service are in chapters three and four: they are the 'Magic of Setting' and 'Magic of Process'.One of the strengths of the book is to make these kinds of groupings with word meanings that make it easier for the reader to understand the concepts discussed. This has been pointed out above as applying to the 'Cast' - who can be not just the 'performers' such as those the people will see in person or visibly at an entertainment park, a hotel, a movie, or as the actual 'hand-on' service agent who comes in closest contact with the 'audience'. But the cast includes all the people who cannot be seen as well.There is an excellent design and writing that goes into this book, making it an easy-to-read, but informative, source for go...

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