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Critique Of Term Paper Article

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Becker, Margraf, Rinck, and Roth wrote one of the articles that I found, the emotional Stroop effect in anxiety disorders: General emotionality or disorder specificity? The main idea of the research study is to understand cognitive attention predispositions by demonstrating Stroop task with anxiety participants. Stroop task were repeatedly uses on patients that have anxiety or other disorders such as panic, obsessive-compulsive, social phobia, and posttraumatic stress disorders. Their study is an expansion of other studies that involve Stroop tasks and anxiety patients. This study is very important because it will explain more about why the reaction time is slower or different with specific ...view middle of the document...

In addition, they equalize each group with age, gender, and education level.
The patients were supposed to name the incongruent words on five cards of modified Stroop color-naming task. Those five cards consist of GAD-related words, speech-related words, neutral words, and positive words, there are 72 words total on each cards. The participants were supposed to read along as quickly as they can. The first card is for practice and is followed by the color card. Then they would be randomly presented with four cards with different words: GAD, speech, neutral, and positive words. At the end of the Stroop task, participants were ask to give rating of their emotional state such as excitement, tension, anxiety, avoidance that may have occurred during the task.
Becker at al. (2001) designed the data by using 3x4 ANOVA with three row participant group (GAD, SP, control) and four columns of word category (GAD-related, speech-related, positive, and neutral words). After putting the data together and calculated the errors that participants have demonstrated. The result of the study show that the emotional state that participants rated themselves, GAD and SP patients are more anxious compared to control participants. The avoidance rating is higher with GAD patients. Excitement rating doesn’t show any difference between each group. So therefore, the emotional state rating is comparable between GAD and SP patients. In the stimulus characteristic shows that the emotional words are more appropriate for each group. The related-word rating is a bit higher for SP than GAD. The color-naming time shows that there are no...

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