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Critique Of The Time Square Bomb Report By Abc News

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On May 1, 2010 a car bomb planted in the middle Time Square. The bomb never exploded due to local vendors reporting the suspicious vehicle. On May 3, 2010 ABC News released a report on the progress of the investigation.
Utilizing the psychometric paradigm, as described in Perception of risk posed by extreme events (Slovic & Weber, 2002), a bombing carries a high dread factor to the public and to certain degree it carries a high unknown factor in that it is not observable until after it explodes. However, I believe to experts, it would continue to rank high in the dread factor but would rank lower in the unknown factor. Because of this high dread factor it is the public leader’s ...view middle of the document...

Another failure on ABC News’s part is the relevancy of the information provided. Instead of focusing specifically on the bomb found in Time Square, the report delves into the Oklahoma bombing and more importantly focused on a video released by Hakimulla Mehsud from the Taliban, threatening a terrorist attack on America (Esposito et al., 2010). The news release fuels the fears of the public and increases the dread and unknown factors for the current incident and potential future incidents.
Where this news release falls short the most is in credibility. To establish credibility public officials should show empathy and openness when they address the public (Reynolds, n.d.). Not once did a public official acknowledge any fear of the public. At one point, officials declined to provide details on a belief that there were overseas links to the bombing attempt. However they did not provide any information as to why they could not share those details. In addition, there are many times that vague phases were used such as “substantial progress”, “high probability”, “There’s lots of evidence” and “no legitimate evidence” (Reynolds, n.d.). Vague phrases such as these, without explanation, leave the public with more questions and doubts about the their ability to truly handle to situation.
Finally this news release lacks consistency. The message as...

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