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Critique On Global Warming Essay

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Global warming is a topic that is increasingly occupying the attention of the world nowadays. Is it really happening? Is it really caused due to the human activities? Is it the cause for the irregularities in weather and climate these days? Or is it a conspiracy planned by the developed countries to prevent the developing countries from establishing themselves in the modern world? What’s the truth behind it?

The documentary films “An inconvenient truth” by Davis Guggenheim and “The great global warming swindle” by Martin Durkin state contradicting opinions on this topic. In the documentary “An inconvenient truth” Al Gore, the ex-vice president of the USA discusses the present and future effects of global warming and the consequences that we will incur if the amount of the greenhouse gases generated is not reduced in the future. The documentary “The great global warming swindle” asserts that the concept of global warming is a big lie and it is one of the biggest scam of the human history. They suggest that the scientific opinion on climate change is influenced by political factors.

The first documentary states that the sun radiation that hits the earth is reflected back by its surface. But some of the reflected infrared radiation is trapped by the earth atmosphere and keeps the earth warm. The green houses gases released into the atmosphere thickens it and are responsible for the rise of temperatures. In the other documentary we come to know that the greenhouse gases trap the radiation in the middle of the troposphere some 10-12 kms from the earth surface. So according to the climate models it’s here the rate of warming should be the highest if it’s the greenhouse gas that is causing it according to Al Gore.

Al Gore presents us a chart which shows the variations of temperature and the carbon dioxide across the years. He says that there is a direct relationship between the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the temperature. But the other documentary says that though the temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide change in a same way, there is a time gap between both of them. First the temperature of the earth rises and later the amount of the carbon dioxide increases. It suggests that the rise in temperature of the earth causes the increase in carbon dioxide levels.

Al Gore states that 10 of the hottest years till date (at that time) have occurred in the last 10 years. Due to higher temperatures, oceans get warmer and when oceans get warmer, they cause stronger storms. USA set an all-time record for the highest number of tornados and Japan for typhoons and the first ever hurricane in the south Atlantic hit Brazil. Not only does global warming causes floods, they also cause more droughts. But the other documentary states that the rise in temperatures also occurred before 1940 preceding the industrial revolution. Temperature and climate variations occurred on earth frequently and...


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