Critique On Kingdom Education Essay

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Critique on Kingdom Education
Kingdom education is a process that begins with a child accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior and continues with the goal of that child reaching maturity in Christ. As such, evangelism and discipleship are part of a kingdom education that will train children to know God and have a biblical worldview. This worldview is taught through Bible stories, but is also incorporated into every subject and into educational methods that reflect a biblical philosophy.
Ultimately, parents are responsible before God for their child; however, it is the role of the church and the school to support the parents in their God given responsibility. In Kingdom education, these three cords must work in harmony to evangelize, discipline and train each child to incorporate a biblical worldview into everything they do. Each partner must advocate a Christocentric education so that the child will grow to academic and spiritual maturity. Parents, schools and churches must recognize their interdependent task of raising godly children; they need to support and encourage one another, especially in the area of education.
Schultz (2006) defines a biblical worldview as one in which Christ is the center of everything and everything is based upon the Bible. This does not mean that only the Bible is taught, rather, every subject is seen through the lens of the Truth found in the Word of God. In a biblical worldview, God is seen as ultimate reality and truth. Because truth and reality reside with God they do not change but are transcendent, universal and eternal. This eternal perspective must be fully understood by each teacher and modeled and taught to each student. When reality is defined by God the Bible becomes the unifying element regarding all knowledge. By integrating each subject with a biblical worldview, students connect the knowledge learned academically in each classroom to a biblical worldview, giving them a unified sense of knowledge that gives them true wisdom.
Kingdom education has two purposes. The first is universal and involves the call of God upon each child to accept him as Lord and Savior. The second is personal and involves training each child to obey God’s individual call to serve him throughout their earthly life. Schools prepare students to obey God in this world and “to stand before God for eternity.” (2006, p. 168).
A detrimental philosophical element that exists in society today is dualism. Dualism is the belief that life, and truth, can be divided into the secular and the spiritual. Some truth and reality is secular, and...

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