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Critique On The Nursing Article Critical Care Patients’ Experience Of The Helmet Continuous Positive Airway Pressure

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This assignment aims to critically analyse a chosen nursing research article “Critical care patients’ experience of the helmet continuous positive airway pressure” by Dimech (2011) and was published in the Journal of Nursing in Critical Care (JNCC). It will examine both the strengths and limitations of the study by weighing various elements of the research undertaken and its value and implication for nursing practice. It will use a critiquing tool by (Ryan, 2007) (see Appendix 1).

Evidence based practice (EBP) is to offer the best care possible to individual patients and use professional judgement to determine nursing care in order to improve patient outcome and even save lives (Moule and Hek, 2011). The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2008) stipulates that nurses have responsibility to utilise the best available evidence and keep their knowledge up-to-date in order to provide high standard care and practice. In this case, nurses need to be able to critically evaluate ideas and experiences and apply what they have learnt to inform nursing practice (Straus, 2005). Similarly, Walker (2005) suggested that nurses need to consider the dynamic interaction of beliefs and value systems affecting the patient’s experience of healthcare. This is relevant in the case of helmet CPAP.

According to Coughlan et al. (2007) it is necessary to ascertain credibility of a piece of research recognising it’ values to nursing practice. For instance, the main elements that need careful scrutiny and analysis are the method, data collection, data analysis, findings and recommendations. Other indications of how dependable the research article may be include where the journal article was published, where the research took place and the background of the authors. However, Conkin Dale (2005) suggested that such measures should not be taken in isolation to justify credibility of research papers.

This article by Dimech is published in a peer-reviewed journal (JNCC). Which means it is being reviewed by experts in the field. Palatnik (2012) stated that Nursing in Critical Care is a peer review journal that presents the latest practical clinical and professional information in a clear, concise, hands-on approach, which critical care nurses can use in day-to-day practice. Also, the study was undertaken within an acute NHS Foundation Trust which means it is relevant to can be used to improve practice within NHS Trust.

The title of the article is effectively worded to ensure that readers correctly understand the nature of the research and whether it is relevant to them as justified by (Marshall, 2005). Also, Polit et al., (2010) stated that title is an important means in ascertaining the research design used as it may feature a research question that is to be answered, or a hypothesis to be proven. In this case, the title of this article made a clear identification of the patient lived experience of helmet CPAP. Perhaps the title could have identified that the...

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