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Critique Paper
For my museum selection I decided to attend Texas State University’s Wittliff Collection. When I arrived, there was no one else there besides me and the librarian. To be honest, I probably would have never gone to an art museum if my teacher didn’t require me to. This was my first time attending the Wittliff Collection, thus I asked the librarian, “Is there any other artwork besides Southwestern and Mexican photography?” She answered, “No, the Wittliff is known only for Southwestern and Mexican photography.” I smiled with a sense of embarrassment and continued to view the different photos. As I walked through Wittliff, I became overwhelmed with all of the different types of photography. There were so many amazing pieces that it became difficult to select which one to write about. However, I finally managed to choose three unique photography pieces by Alinka Echeverria, Geoff Winningham, and Keith Carter.
I found the photography piece “From the Road to Tepeyac,” by Alinka Echeverria intriguing. This photography piece was a man kneeling down with a sculpture tied to his back. The woman in the statue had a green flag with multiple stars draped around her. This woman appeared to be the Virgin Mary. Underneath the Virgin Mary was an angel with green, white and red wings. The colors on the flag around the Virgin Mary and the angel’s wings represent Mexico. Also, the stars on the flag present the repetition constructed in this photography piece. There is no physical line for the foreground; however, this piece directs the eye from one point to another by implication. When I first saw this photography piece, I questioned why the statue of the Virgin Mary and an angel were on the man’s back. I realized the Virgin Mary and the angel represent faith and his religion is Catholic. Also, the man is kneeling with the sculpture on his back, which represents humility and reverence to the Virgin Mary. I concluded that the man in this photograph is a Catholic Mexican pilgrim, because like pilgrims, he is carrying his faith with him to his destination. This photography piece obtains value because it shows the spiritual conquest of Mexico’s history to Basilica de Guadalupe. Basilica de Guadalupe is where the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, who converted to Roman Catholism. It also shows the importance of religion to the individual by carrying an unwieldy sculpture for a number of miles.
The second photography piece that had a profound effect on me was “Castillo de Fuegos/Fireworks,” by Geoff Winningham. This photography piece shows six individuals around a firework. On the right side of the photograph, there also appears to be a ladder with four triangles going up. The element of line was used in this piece by showing the sparks from the fireworks ricocheting off the ground along with the ladder fixed on the ground. The geometric form in this piece is the triangles on the ladder, the circle forming the firework, and the spaces...

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