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Ayahuasca usually grows in South America and is a psychotropic tea plant; this plant tea is widely used all over the world as a cure, to contact a spiritual dimension and for divination purposes. The chemical composition of Ayahuasca is the combination of DMT (NN-dimethyltryptamine), serotonergic 2A receptor agonist, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors that render NN-dimethyltryptamine orally active (Riba et al. 2006; Schenberg et al.2015). This study was conducted in inference to therapy treatment methods with the aim of suggesting that it should be used clinically as a Psychedelic drug. Recently it has gained a rekindled interest in the field of therapy. Some of the acute effects of Ayahuasca are behavioral and lifestyle changes which are viewed to obtain a psychedelic ability that enhances divergent and creative thought. (Forgeard & Elstein 2014; McKenna 2004).
The sample population for this study was chosen from two different spiritual groups that are using Ayahuasca after a sociodemographic analysis was done. Participants were invited to partake in the study after the methods and goals of the research were explained in detail to them. The aim of the study was to evaluate creative, divergent thinking in the selected participants during Ayahuasca taking sessions in a quasi-experimental research. Assessment of conventional creative thinking along with conventional divergent thinking was done separately before and after taking Ayahuasca when the acute effects had manifested in two different groups on separate settings. The experimenter chooses two separate study groups and their characteristics are as follows; Group 1 had taken Ayahuasca on an average of 27.5± 33.4 occasions, 15.5 ± 3.2 educational years and 37.4 ± 5.8 standard range of age. Group two had an average of 103.6± 152.9 Ayahuasca taking times, 18.4 ± 1.5 ranges of education years, and a standard age range of 52.0 ± 13.0.
The criteria used for exclusion of participants included participants who were currently having disorders such as, psychiatric disorder or substance abuse disorder and the entire sample population selected had an interest in the use of a psychoactive drug in personal experimentation and their incentive for the use of Ayahuasca was to increase introspection.
An induced dose of different concentrations was given to each group. The results showed that the mean increase in mean scores for all the VAS items was not different while divergent thinking especially fluency differed between the two groups hence confirming the inference that one there were fluency improvement and so Ayahuasca can be used as an intervention drug that is the internal validity. Lab results were shown using visual analog tests on all the items in both groups increased when Ayahuasca was induced while on the field analysis of PCT measures showed a significant increase in...

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