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Analysis Of The Movie Forrest Gump

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I have never really met another character quite like Forrest Gump in a movie. And for that matter, I have never quite seen a movie like “Forrest Gump,” either. In order to describe Forrest Gump, it will take quite an amount of work to make the movie seem more conventional, or normal. The movie is a coined a comedy, I guess. It could be a drama film though, or even a dream. This movie is very magical and creates quite the picture of emotions for anyone who views it.
The film by Eric Roth, has the view of a modern fiction story, which is very uncommon for the modern movies now a days. Tom Hanks plays the hero in this film. His character is a man with an IQ of 75, who during his life, between the years of 1950 and 1980, comes in contact with every major event in American history. And somehow he survives all of these events with only honesty and niceness.
“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” In this film however, when you see Tom Hanks as Forrest and Robin Wright as Jenny, you know you are going to get more than a few laughs and more than a few tears out of this film. In fact, Tom Hanks is probably the only actor who could have played this role as Forrest. Hanks makes Forrest to be a dignified person and so straight-forward. The way he plays Forrest Gump is so breathtaking. This film is not about a mentally retarded man. This movie is a movie of meditation on our times. The movie is seen through the eyes of a man, Forrest, who has no common sense and takes things exactly as they are. After watching the film, the viewer can now understand why some people get criticized or made fun of for being “too clever by half.” Forrest, in this movie, has just the right amount of cleverness to make things happen.
Forrest is born in Alabama. He is born, raised and grew up in a boarding house, whose owner, Sally Field, tries to correct his posture by purchasing leg braces. Sally never criticizes Forrest for his mind set but does get called stupid. He tells his mother who then responds with, “Stupid is as Stupid does,” and which Forrest then becomes incapable of doing anything that is intense. When the braces finally fall off from his legs one day while running from a group of bullies, Forrest realizes he can run like the there is no tomorrow.
Forrest then proceeds to get a college scholarship in football, which later becomes a running story about his good luck in life. The football hero then becomes a Medal of Honor winner in Vietnam, then on to become a Ping-Pong champion, later he is a boat captain, and then becomes a millionaire stockholder. By the end of the movie he is the man who ran across America to retrace his steps he took in life. I suppose it could be argued that with an IQ of 75 one could not quite understand everything that is going on to them in life. Not true at all. Forrest understands everything in life he needs to know and then more. Forrest even understands what love is, even if the school girl,...

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