Critital Responce Valuabe Life Lesson English Essay

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Zuniga 3
Shamika Zuniga
English 103-5007
8 January 2018
Paper #1 -Critical Response
“Valuable Life Lessons”
“Dog Lab,” by Claire McCarthy, is a story about a medical student at Harvard Medical School that was compelled to becoming the best doctor .She felt the ability to master Physiology would be a measure of her ability to becoming a good doctor. Hearing the second year students reminiscing about a “dog lab”, she gathered that it involved cutting dogs open and that it was contentious. One day, during class the professor introduced the infamous “dog lab”, in which they would perform an operation on a living dog, and study the heart and blood vessels in the vivo to learn the effect of difference condition and chemicals. He made it clear that it was optional but a fantastic opportunity to learn how a living being’s heart and lungs functioned.  Through numerous hours of contemplating her decision, McCarthy decided to go through with the lab along with sedating the dogs before the operation. While performing the lab, McCarthy had an unsettling feeling about the experiment and left right away when it concluded.  At first she was disappointed in herself for doing the lab. She taught that the knowledge she gained wasn’t worth the life of a dog- she felt sad. Upon analyzing her feeling towards doing the dog lab, she then decided she needed to be the person she was before. She wanted be able to make decisions without worrying about what a doctor would do. McCarthy felt that by participating in the dog lab was wrong. I do agree with how McCarthy felt, I also agree, by her participating in the lab it taught her valuable life lessons – knowing one self and perceiving right from wrong.
MacCarthy was hardworking person; she was determined to become the best medical doctor she could be. Established in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Considering the background of Harvard University, McCarthy must have worked extremely hard to get in that school. The hard work that comes with being the best student you can be and working towards your career is over and beyond one’s head. Upon entering into the doctor profession, it takes a lot patients and dedication; it allows you to make a wide range of decisions and step out of your comfort zone. McCarthy states “Doctors are different from other people, we are told implicitly, if not explicitly, (484)” McCarthy was faced with choosing to be who she really was and...

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