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Croatian Places: Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes And Zagreb

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Dubrovnik, Split, Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb are the most known Croatian places all over the world. Millions of tourists visit Croatia every year and most of them are thrilled with natural and historical beauties of our country and they usually come back next year. Lately, our beautiful country should be called Absurdistan. Here is a travel brochure about old/new country and starving self-destructive socio-cultural group – Croats.
An average family in Croatia lives on the edge of poverty. More than 330 thousands Croats are unemployed. It is said (only said) that our health insurance is free, but an average Croat needs to pay supplementary medical insurance and ...view middle of the document...

The police protect criminals or they even cooperate. Nevertheless, only criminals in Croatia live decent.
Minorities and changing the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia
These days, there are some argues about the Serbs in Croatia and the Cyrillic script. Serbian national minority demanded bilingual signs in places where a half of population is Serbian according to the Law on the use of languages from 2002. The government approved it and signs were put on public buildings, but a group of protestors broke it with hammers. Some of the Croatian politicians want to change the Constitution to change the Law on the use of languages of national minorities, so that they lose their rights. Is it real patriotism? We must not forget that bilingual (Croatian/Italian) signs are all across Istria. Although there are provisions in the Constitution (Protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms) such as “Members of all national minorities shall have equal rights in the Republic of Croatia“ and “Members of all national minorities shall be guaranteed freedom to express their nationality, freedom to use their language and script and cultural autonomy“, there is so many mistakes in implementation of these provisions. It is needed to forgive, but not forget the War of Independence and to move on, so that all people are able to feel secure in our...

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