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Business people today face an increasing range of culturally diverse situations. To ensure success in business, many organizations are using cross-cultural training to improve their manager's cross-cultural effectiveness and enhance their communication skills. In a diverse workplace there are many cultures collide. Many culture norms influence a manager's behavior and subsequent reactions (Gardenswartz L. and Rowe A., 2001). "Culture is behind our behavior on the job. Often without our realization, culture influences how close we stand, how loud we speak, how we deal with conflict - even how we participate in a meeting." (Gardenswartz L. and Rowe A., 2001, p139). This essay will provide the ...view middle of the document...

Cross-cultural training has become important in today's business environment. From the training employee can gain cross-cultural management skills like development and application of knowledge about cultures in the practice of international management, when the people involved have different culture identities. A manager who is aware of different culture norms is less likely to incorrectly interpret behaviors and prescribe ineffective courses of action when developing people (Gardenswartz L. and Rowe A., 2001). Cross-cultural environment has become important in environment in nowadays. An example of a big cross-cultural issue is Canada (Demers J., 2002). Cross-cultural awareness is important. Today, cross-cultural issues arise primary in Canada's large cities, since 90% of Canadians who were born abroad live in the 15 largest cities in the country (Julie Demers, 2002). The need for cross-cultural capabilities has become crucial to international business (Selmer J., Torbiorn I. and Corinna T., 1998). According to the interviewee, David Nip said that in Hong Kong and China there are a high proportion of people from non-Cantonese or non-English speaking backgrounds. We employ a workforce that in many ways reflects this diversity in the community. If we want to get things done, cross-cultural training is very important (Tsui K.L., 2004). The cross-cultural training is used in business. It aims to develop awareness of group member's own behavior within different cultures, in order to build good business relationships (Hurn B. F. and Fenkins M. , 2000). The training includes building and sustaining multicultural teams, the problems of participating in multicultural meetings and developing cultural synergy (Hurn B. F. and Fenkins M., 2000). The training is the process of altering employee behavior and attitudes in a way that increases the probability of goal attainment. It is particularly important in preparing employees for overseas assignment.My interviewee is David Nip. He is my friend's dad, which is from Hong Kong. He is the Manager of Dickson Garments Limited. The company's principal activities are retailing and trading of textile products including jumpers, trousers, and t-shirts etc. The company has offices and factories in 4 places; they are Hong Kong, German, Vietnam and China. Firstly, Hong Kong is the original office that is to send and receive orders. Secondly, the production process is held in China and Vietnam because of low production cost. The product will be 90% finished in China and Vietnam. Thirdly, all products will then transfer to German for finalises and finishing the 10% remained job. This is because the product then can be say it is made in German instead of made in China. With their experience and proven qualities, the company has taken a part of international market as well known manufacturer and exporter of textile industry. Cross-cultural training was involved in Davidson Garments Limited and brought benefits for the...

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