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The person of interest for me was Mrs. Louis who is the director of Somerset in Romania. Somerset if more of a charity but has its own income that gets returned to the workers. The workers have sewing classes that help them develop a skill that they can use to earn a honest living given that many of these workers are classified as gypsy’s in many communities. Somerset also provides other types of training that could help others enrich their skills and build a larger foundation for Somerset. They provided English, computer science, and mathematics courses that develop the core of the workers. Mrs. Louis works closely with Ms. Brown who is a board of directors for Somerset. Ms. Brown is the connection between the United States and Romania and directs Mrs. Louis in their need and future investments. To get into specifics Mrs. Louis is the Executive Director of this company and has many duties including many international duties relating to the image of the company and the annual reports that are publicly announced every year. According to Mrs. Louis the biggest challenges is dealing with the government and keeping a strong image for the company.
To begin Mrs. Louis described the culture of the company as a more of a group and personal culture. In other words the company bases on a Incubator culture which believes that everyone is equal and deserves equal opportunity even if the company was created by an American founder. This company believes that it is not all about the profit but it is also about people development because if you invest in someone they will have a higher understanding which could benefit the company even more than they would just by sewing clothes. This is the reason that Somerset provides these classes and opportunities of growth. They also have a program for teacher volunteers which is another benefit for the company because they are able to educate its...

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